Rules, Guidelines & Tips For Creating Suggestions (Check Before Creating A New Suggestion!)

Note: If a thread does not pass the approval process, it’s up to the poster to contact the Suggestion Moderation team for further details. We are more then happy to assist where needed.

qOQfwjm.png General Rules:

When submitting a suggestion, there are a few basic rules to comply with. By following them, you can easily get your point across and improve the overall structure of your suggestion:

1) Anyone can submit a suggestion - Nothing gets ignored or removed, so long as you follow the suggestions rules and be respectable. Everyone and anyone can submit a suggestion.

2) Write your suggestion in English - All suggestions and replies to suggestions must be written in English so everyone can understand you. If you’re not that good with English, write to the best of your abilities and make it as understandable as possible.

3) Clearly title your suggestion - Having a title such as “Some suggestions” doesn’t tell us, or anyone else, clearly what your idea is. Please aim to be as specific as possible.

4) Include as much information as possible - When making a suggestion, its best to explain your idea and show it to everyone. Stating that you would like “This” or “That” without justification or explanation doesn’t really help anyone. Think of it like pitching an idea, you want to win people over, not make a statement. When suggesting vehicles - facts and figures are vital, performance data as well as some historical background info are invaluable.

5) Pictures speak a thousand words - When possible, always try to include images, especially for vehicles. Letting people see what you’re talking about helps immensely. It also adds to presentation value.

6) Stay opinion free - Be constructive, try not to bring in opinionated views or rants.

7) Include a poll in your suggestion - Having a poll as part of your suggestion allows fellow users to quickly and easily show support for your idea. Besides the obvious convenience for other users, it also provides a good general overview of the support your idea garners over time.

ZPje0i2.png Please Do NOT :

Naturally, there are also a few things you should try to avoid at all times. Those things are the following:

  • Submit a new thread on an existing topic

If someone before you has already submitted the same idea you have, please refrain from posting your version of the idea in a separate thread. Instead, use the existing thread to share your thoughts and opinions with others there. This way, we can avoid having several discussions on the same subject in multiple places.

  • Submit a thread more than once

Threads have to be reviewed and approved. This takes time, so please don’t double post a thread because you thought you didn’t post it or it was removed.

  • Create rants or demands

Suggestions are for constructive and beneficial ideas and additions, not for raging and ranting over existing content. Follow the suggestions rules and be constructive . Any instance of ranting/raging will not be tolerated.

  • Create one sentence threads

While we welcome everyone’s input, please don’t simply submit suggestions including “Please add the B-47” or “I would like to see the…”. It’s not much use and isn’t really presentable to anyone.

  • Create suggestions regarding Battle Ratings, Ranking, Current Vehicle/Crew/Repair/Modification/Ammo Costs

All of these figures are carefully calculated by taking into account many different parameters. Should significant changes to these figures be made, developers usually ask for feedback in the respective official topic, share your ideas on these matters there.

  • Create polls that don’t include a “Negative” or “No” answer

While polls offer a good and simple way for individuals to quickly express their stance on a subject, without having to elaborate it in detail, there are ways to manipulate polls to always show a desired result. To avoid having an unfair voting system, make sure to always include a negative option to a question so that it’s fair and unbiased. If this requirements isn’t met, the thread author will be notified and the poll will be altered to provide a fair voting system.

  • Create “bump” posts in existing suggestions

When replying to an existing suggestion, post only relevant content that is directly contributing to its discussion. Posting “bump”, “up” or similar useless posts, with the sole intention of giving the thread more exposure by getting it to the first page, is considered as spam and is not allowed.

  • Copy-Paste entire sections from 3rd party websites for use in your suggestion

While we welcome a copy-paste for things like vehicle specs, please do not simply copy-paste entire 3rd party pages (e.g. various wikis and encyclopedias) as this is not only seen as taking little interest in your own suggestion, but is also considered as plain plagiarism.

  • Submit a thread for theoretical / “paper” / fictional vehicles

War Thunder is a game about military vehicles, ranging from well-known to obscure experimental vehicles and unfinished prototypes. One thing all these vehicles have in common however, is that they existed “in flesh” in some form. As fictional and blueprint vehicles only existed on paper, thus contradicting the authenticity of real vehicles present in the game, submitting a suggestion on one such vehicle will not be approved. (More details below)

  • Create suggestions that include multiple specific variants of the vehicle being proposed

When submitting a vehicle suggestion, be sure to refrain from proposing multiple specific variants of any given vehicle in the same post. However, you may list different variants of a vehicle you’re proposing if the post is a general suggestion about a certain (family of) vehicle(s). For example, creating a single suggestion containing both the Spitfire Mk. I & Mk.II is NOT allowed. However, you may create individual suggestions on both of these variants, provided they’re each covered in their own respective suggestion. On the other hand, a general suggestion about the Spitfire, listing all (or some) variants to give an overview of the family, are also allowed.

  • Include the nation you want your suggestion to go to in the title

When submitting a vehicle/sub-tree suggestion, be sure to refrain from adding your preferred implementation nation in the title. While we welcome all poll options, adding it to your title only makes it appear to be the sole option. To prevent any unnecessary off-topic arguements any title that contains such preferences will be edited to remove them.

  • Change your tags after your suggestion has been approved

While it’s possible for a user to change their tags after a suggestion has been approved, doing so breaks multiple sorting methods that are being used in the suggestion section. Any suggestion that after approval has the national tags changed to another nation will be removed. If you want a tag changed please PM one of the Suggestion Moderators instead.

IMPORTANT: Any new suggestion thread that does not include the above points will not be approved.

ryC7KyK.png Specific Rules for Vehicle Suggestions:

Before suggesting a new vehicle, please ensure you have done the following:

  • Check the respective list of previously suggested vehicle ideas according to the vehicle you wish to suggest. Unique lists can be found for each nation and vehicle type in their respective sub-sections. Checking the Passed for Consideration section can also reveal whether an idea you wish to submit has already been presented to the developers. Anything already suggested will not be approved again.

When suggesting a new vehicle that has not been previously suggested or mentioned, your thread MUST contain the following:

1) Clear and relevant title specifically naming the vehicle(s) you are suggesting

2) At least one or more images/photographs for people to see what you are suggesting

3) Basic background info on the vehicle, including its years of construction, service, etc.

4) Specifications for the vehicle/weapon

5) List of at least two relevant sources where the vehicle/weapon is covered

6) Performance data and armaments

IMPORTANT: Any thread suggesting a new vehicle that does not include the above points will not be approved. Most of the common vehicles have now been suggested multiple times or mentioned in a Q&A, so in order to make your thread useful both to the community and to the devs, please ensure all of the above info is present in your suggestion.

ryC7KyK.png Specific Rules for Matchmaking, Economy & Progression Suggestions:

Suggestions related to Matchmaking, Economy and Progression are handled differently than all other suggestions. Therefore, make sure to read and acknowledge the points below before creating a new suggesting on the subject(s).

1) Content Quality - Matchmaking, Economy and Progression are three very complex and serious aspects of War Thunder. Therefore, submitting suggestions on these specific subjects isn’t as easy as submitting other suggestions. Only extremely well-written, highly detailed and elaborate suggestions will be approved, whilst submissions such as “Pls increase SL & RP gain for…” will simply be discarded. Serious subjects require serious dedication.

2) Content Type - Although things like BR and Repair costs fall under these labels, suggestions on individual system-calculated parameters will not be accepted as they are subject to constant change. Feedback for these changes is to be given in the respective feedback threads for economical changes when available.

3) Fundamental Changes Only - Whilst we won’t accept any submissions asking for changes in individual BRs, prices & costs, reward gains and similar, we do highly welcome submissions that propose fundamental changes and overhauls of currently in place systems. For example, instead of suggesting to change a single vehicle’s BR, you may instead suggest to change the way BRs are assigned to vehicles in general. With suggestions on such topics, you have to think outside of the box and see a bigger picture.

IMPORTANT: Any thread that does not comply with the points above will not be approved. We will only approve suggestions for changes to the Matchmaking, Economy and Progression if you show that you really understand and care for the subject matter and that you put a lot of effort into your submission. Everything else won’t be taken seriously and will simply be discarded.


Differentiating “Paper”/Fictional Vehicles from (unfinished) Prototypes

Sometimes it’s easy to mistake a prototype vehicle for a paper one, while at other times making that distinction becomes difficult due to, for example, parts of the design existing while the full vehicle itself was never built. As these cases often result in a vehicle’s classification being subject to individual interpretation, we’ve come up with a few simple guidelines to help users make this distinction easier and faster. Please refer to these guidelines when considering making a suggestion on a more obscure vehicle.

Reminder: Paper/Fictional vehicles will NOT be accepted as valid suggestions and as such will NOT be approved for discussion.

What constitutes a paper/fictional vehicle:

  • Vehicle only existed in blueprint/sketch drawing form
  • No major individual, vehicle-specific parts (i.e. guns, powerplants, etc.) of the vehicle were built
  • Vehicle is a completely made up, unofficial design created by an individual

The vehicle you plan on suggesting meets the criteria above? In that case, it’s unfortunately a paper/fictional vehicle and as such won’t be accepted as a valid suggestion.

What constitutes an (unfinished) prototype:

  • Vehicle was (partially) constructed
  • Vehicle-specific parts (i.e. guns, powerplants, etc.) were built

Does the vehicle you intend to suggest meet the criteria above? Fantastic! In that case, you have a more obscure vehicle which at least in some capacity existed in the real world and is therefore a valid vehicle to be suggested.

Additional Notes

The main distinguishing feature between paper and non-paper vehicles is whether the vehicle in question itself or specific parts of it were already constructed at one point. For example, the hull of the E-100 was partially constructed and would thus be a valid suggestion, whereas the Ta 183 only existed as a wind tunnel scale model, thus not being a valid suggestion.

Do note that these vehicles were often planned with purpose-built equipment, such as powerplants, but during their performance projections may have utilized existing equipment or were speculated to use commonly available equipment upon completion. This will not count as “partially constructed” unless historical sources state that these equipment pieces are in fact intended as standard for the vehicle.


Sorting of vehicle related suggestions

Vehicles are primarily sorted by the nations that operated them, not by the Tech tree where the OP would like to see them implemented. This is done to both give credit to the nation that actually used the vehicle as well as centralize discussion about the vehicle in question. Of course there are always vehicles that were never operated by anyone, suggestions for these vehicles are just sorted by the nation that actually tested them. Following that, there are vehicles that were made for a nation but just before being delivered some type of intervention happened that caused them to not be delivered (E.G. the Israeli CL-13), these are just sorted by the nation that ordered them. Last but not least there are the vehicles that were made by a company and garnered so little international interest that nobody even tested them, these are just sorted by the nation that houses the company that made them.

As was mentioned at the beginning of this section, nations like Finland, South-Africa, Canada, etc etc still fall under Other Nations, even with their implementation under in-game trees. At the same time we would also like to once more remind people that just because a nation operated alongside another nation or even under the other nation it’s command structure (E.G. 1st Canadian Army operating under the UK led 21st army group or the UK 1st Armoured Division under the US VII Corps.) These nations are still their own nation and as such are sorted by those nations. You are always allowed to add a poll question as to what in-game tree you would like a vehicle to be implemented though, this is purely up to the OP.

Weapons are sorted purely by the nation that built them (E.G. Aim-9J would go to the USA), if after being implemented the weapon is missing from vehicles that used it in regular service, this is a matter for the Bug Report section. However, If a vehicle used something on an experimental basis this obviously can be suggested!