Reopening of the Suggestion area & changes from the old forum


Pilots, tankers and captains!

Thank you all for waiting while we were solving the issues that caused the temporary freeze, with the issues we were having solved we would like to welcome you all to the new Suggestion section!

With the new section does come some changes so in order to clarify everything and their underlying reasoning we will touch upon all changes that come with this move as well as some clarifications where required.

Clean Slate

The largest point is that quite simple we aren’t able to move over suggestions between the two forums. While the developers ofcourse will keep their copies of passed suggestions to avoid having issues down the road for Passed suggestions as well as bring back ideas that might have been burried over the decade that the previous forum was around we will be taking a Clean Slate approach. This means that all previously suggested ideas, including previously Passed for Consideration ones (with the obvious exception of the ones from June 2023) will be open once more for new suggestions.
Like previously mentioned though, as the developers obviously still have their copy of passed suggestions we will be paying attention to prevent suggestions that were passed a couple months ago will be passed instantly as this does rather defeat the purpose.

On a related note, if an author wants to recreate their suggestion (either Passed to the Developers or not) from the old forum on this new forum please feel free to take a copy and just repost it, please do ensure it still follows the current ruleset. If you wish to suggest an idea that was previously suggested on the old forum please make sure that you write the suggestion in your own words as direct copies of other peoples’ work will be considered as plain plagiarism and will not be approved and opened for discussion.


Dispite the move to the new forum we must clarify that the rules for the suggestion section will remain mostly the same as they were on the old forum, please do check them once more if you previously made suggestions or for the first time if you are new. The sole rule addition being one to prevent any issues in regards to titles:

ZPje0i2.png Please Do NOT :

  • Include the nation you want your suggestion to go to in the title

When submitting a vehicle/sub-tree suggestion, be sure to refrain from adding your preferred implementation nation in the title. While we welcome all poll options, adding it to your title only makes it appear to be the sole option. To prevent any unnecessary off-topic arguements any title that contains such preferences will be edited to remove them.

As per the old forum posts that do not comply with all of the suggestion rules will not be approved and opened for discussion. If your suggestion doesn’t get approved please feel free to PM one of the Suggestion Moderators and ask them for the reason why it wasn’t approved.

We also would like to bring attention to the fact that with the new forum we now provide a poll to all suggestions by default, this is done through a template that will be provided to all new posts made in the suggestion area. You can ofcourse modify this to ask what you prefer yourself, please enjoy the quality of life that this should bring.

[poll type=regular results=always chartType=bar]
# [Would you like to see this in-game?]
* Yes
* No

Thank you for bearing with us as we are making the transfer over to this new platform, we hope you will enjoy making suggestions on the new forum and will continue to present your ideas and feedback for us to present to the developer team.

- The Suggestion Moderation Team