List of Previously Suggested Ideas - Miscellaneous

A reference archive of previously suggested threads related to Miscellaneous. This thread is a document for everyone to see and check before they create a double post on an already discussed idea.

IMPORTANT: If you find something previously suggested/discussed that is not on this list and should be, please PM the Suggestion Moderators and let them know!

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EU0sQhe.png Miscellaneous EU0sQhe.png


  • Add a Dynamic API for User Sights【Suggestion
  • Add a third daily task【Suggestion
  • Add an area to allow users to share cheat indicators to more accurately report cheater【Suggestion
  • Add Operating Nation for vehicles on the wiki【Suggestion
  • Add the ability to filter out/in Universal Camo’s on Live【Suggestion
  • Add the ability to disable private chat【Suggestion
  • Allow multiple colors to be used on custom sights【Suggestion
  • Allow peer review of cheats through replay【Suggestion
  • Alternate marketplace for console【Suggestion

  • Equivalent Trophy exchange for console【Suggestion
  • Expand anniversary sale into the Battle Pass system【Suggestion

  • Ingame loadout-selection for Custom Battles【Suggestion

  • Localization section for WT Live【Suggestion

  • Unique reward for community contributors【Suggestion
  • Unlimited Fuel For Hybrid Propulsion Aircraft【Suggestion
  • Use unlocked loading screens in-game as profile backgrounds on the forum【Suggestion





  • Ability to duplicate XBOX LIVE accounts like PSN accounts can 【 Suggestion
  • Add a jet bomber in for every nation SbYRK5D.png
  • Add a notifications page to War Thunder Live SbYRK5D.png
  • Add multifunction keys SbYRK5D.png
  • Add nation markers for vehicles from other nations【 Suggestion
  • Add option to manually select in which servers do I want to play【 Suggestion
  • Add replay bookmarks for fast rewind 【Suggestion
  • Additional profile avatars SbYRK5D.png
  • African-American avatars【 Suggestion
  • Allow player ships in user missions【 Suggestion

  • Climbing rate on the stat card SbYRK5D.png
  • Condensation Trails (Contrails) SbYRK5D.png

  • Daily Login reward SbYRK5D.png
  • Damage Model as optional grafic overlay in Hangar SbYRK5D.png
  • Dead engine landing on airfield = not a crash SbYRK5D.png

  • Earn (or Pay) for 4 Decals on Talisman Planes SbYRK5D.png
  • Engine Startup Exhaust Smoke【 Suggestion
  • Expanded payment options SbYRK5D.png

  • Feasible way to add T5 premiums【 Suggestion
  • French medals【 Suggestion

  • Game start delay 【 Suggestion
  • Grass remaining flattened after driving over it SbYRK5D.png
  • Ground attack aircraft get no bomb indicator SbYRK5D.png

  • Increase naval RP Gain SbYRK5D.png

  • Linux compatible version【 Suggestion

  • More chat rooms SbYRK5D.png

  • Naval Content Development Kit【 Suggestion
  • Naval tutorial SbYRK5D.png

  • Official War Thunder merchandise【 Suggestion
  • Option to disable the download of skins during a match【 Suggestion

  • PS4 sub-old-forum SbYRK5D.png
  • Paying $ for CBT access SbYRK5D.png
  • Premium Vehicles made by the Community SbYRK5D.png

  • Remove Attachment File Size (or Increase) Limits for Bug Reports【 Suggestion

  • Server side replays SbYRK5D.png
  • Steam Achievements【 Suggestion
  • Suggestion links in the previously suggested lists【 Suggestion

  • Thunderpass (Battlepass) SbYRK5D.png

  • US pilots Skin Remodel - Oxygen Masks!【 Suggestion

  • Warning (0-pt) notifications SbYRK5D.png




  • Commendation System (Friendly, Teamwork, Sportsmanship)【Suggestion
  • Convertible RP for old event prizes【Suggestion