Changes in the Killcam Interface

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As of now, when you get killed (in any mode), the killcam shows you who killed you (Air and Ground) and where you were shot from (Ground). The Interface during that Killcam is pretty barebones and only shows you the name of the player that killed you, their Vehicle and the actions you did in battle.

The current Layout

I feel like this is rather barebones and some additional Things could be displayed such as the players Profile picture, their title, their level, etc…
so I’ve made a rough edit on how this could look like if this were to be put into the game.

The changed layout

Things that could be displayed are:

  • Profile Picture
  • Title
  • Player Level

This change could increase the desire to get a certain profile picture or title, creat the possibility to add those to the marketplace and slightly increase Gaijin’s revenue without giving any player an advantage.


The game is definitely overdue for a general UI overhaul, and this seems like it would be a nice part of that.

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I’m not really a fan to be honest. I like how clean the original version is.

At the end of the day, i dont care about the othere dudes profile picture and level. I dont want it shoved in my face. I remember when world of warships did the same thing, its ugly.

Definitely. A major UI overhaul and QOL overhaul. Among…so many other overhauls.

I only half agree with this change, I personally don’t care and don’t want to see a small profile of the person I was killed by and would much rather be given better I formation of why/how I died for example the round I was shot by and the option to view that rounds stat card / weapon size reload rate that sort of thing, I don’t care about who killed me I care about what killed me.

An overall similar to the killfeed one a while ago where it tells you the vehicle/gun/round that killed you would be far better for experience as it would help people learn and gain valuable information about the vehicles they’re facing rather than the person they’re facing

Lets go boys, its on the new Roadmap!

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