Multiple colors in custom sights

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  • Yes, it would greatly help with realism and immersive gameplay
  • No, keep sights the same with only one color
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Modern digital sights often use many colors for ease of use and to know where to glance. Only having one color for the whole sight (except for texts with “highlight:b=no”) doesn’t look or feel nearly as good and/or realistic.

Examples of real sights with multiple colors:

In-game recreations with only 1 color + black:


This suggestion can be implemented easily by making it possible to add a “color” and “lightColor” line to every block (lines, texts, circles, quads) instead of the main “crosshairColor” and “crosshairLightColor” that applies to everything.


Quad, standard black, highlight green:

drawQuads {
quad {
tl:p2 = -10, -10;
tr:p2 = 10, -10;
br:p2 = 10, 10;
bl:p2 = -10, 10;
color:c=0, 0, 0, 0
lightColor:c=0, 255, 0, 255
thousandth:b = true;

Circle, standard red, highlight blue:

drawCircles {
circle {
segment:p2 = 0, 360;
pos:p2 = 0, 0;
diameter:r = 1;
size:r = 1;
move:b = no;
color:c=255, 0, 0, 255
lightColor:c=0, 0, 255, 255
thousandth:b = yes;

Thank you for reading this and I hope it gets implemented since it would greatly help us sight creators and the sights can be way more realistic/immersive. It would also allow for actual drawings in the sights, which would be very cool to see!


pls Snail

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There’s a very closely related bug report on it and another suggestion about different reticles at different zoom levels

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Pretty sure you can already change the colors for custom sights.
For me right now I have red and when highlighted it becomes blue. That or I’m misinterpreting what this is trying to say, cause its written in a rather confusing way

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Yes, but that’s only 1 color at the same time. I’m suggestion multiple colors at the same time :)


I’m by no means against it though the irl picture you showed is the 1 single color for the sight. It only appears like 2 because of the angle.

Now if you are referring to everything around it then i can understand.

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Thank much so you ❤❤❤

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Yeah I’m talking about everything around it too hehe

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Ill kill myself if this doesnt go up

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Yes Sir, take my vote

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we really need this +1

He is talking about multiple colors, not the one-color theme. Changing main color is already a thing.

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Please yes and I will finally ban anime tag xd

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