Unique rewards for community contributors

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Currently there are a few programs where active comminity contributors can get rewards for their work (eg. Active Wikipedia Editors, Forum Moderators, Active Bug Reporters, etc) in the form of regular in game bonuses such as a title and some GE.

It is a really cool thing that gaijin is doing but what if the rewards were more unique? What if instead of GE, each type of contributor had their own reward in the form of a unique vehicle that is only available to whoever has managed to become a contributor with each type being different. (For example, there would be a different vehicle given to Technical Moderators than Forum Moderators, etc)

It could be a really unique and fun way to reward players that are active and helpful in the community with something unique that has no financial value, rather the time spent helping other members of the community.

These vehicles could be obscure WW2 prototypes in the middle BRs that would not really fit to be in the tech tree or premiums and wouldn’t affect the matchmaker in a significant way due to how few of them will be available (and an even lower number will actually see combat).

P.S. Sorry Forum, Technical, Suggestion, Wiki (and any other I that I forgot) Moderators for calling you just contributors, you do much more but I just needed a word to describe people that just help with the game.

If i were a community helper I would much rather want a unique vehicle for me then GE rewards and stuff