Expand anniversary sale into the Battle Pass system.

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Something I was thinking about from the last couple of anniversary sales, why not expand the sales into the BP system? A couple routes could be followed though I think the 2nd is likely to be more useful/fun for players overall.

Whenever a BP starts around the same time as an anniversary or goes on through the anniversary sale, implement some kind of sale system at 25/33/50% off? (usually the sale is 50% in general so would fit better).

The 2 possible sales could either be (or both could be implemented)

  1. a discount on buying the battle pass in and of itself, this however runs the risk to cause annoyance as people that buy it early on would feel like they were left out, EG if they bought it 2 months prior and the sale happened at the end of the BP season.

  2. (I think this would be more useful and generally supported) offer a discount on levels. Currently its fairly expensive to GE your way through a battlepass if you do not have the time to commit to the game, so this could be a useful/helpful route for those people to take part in the BP when normally the price would be a bit too high for them/offer some support to people to nudge them into trying the BP if they could only put in a small bit of time/funds combo.

In the case of the BP just starting (such as the current BP 13 starting about 1-2 weeks prior to the anniversary) allow people to temporarily buy levels early at the discounted price, something thats unique and interesting for people to do at the time.

Thanks for reading/any thoughts on the matter and apologies if I rambled/made no sense at points.