Ingame loadout-selection for Custom Battles

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I would like to suggest a quality of life mechanic, which would allow you to select your previously created loadouts during a custom battle mission.

The reason as to why I suggest this, is convinience. Instead of having to exit the current mission, and select the loadout you want in the lobby of the CB you are in, you could instead choose any of your previously created loadouts in the in-mission respawn screen, provided that the mission has infinite crew respawns selected as a condition.

I am not suggesting an in-mission nation-change to be introduced along with the loadout change, but if it would be possible / desireable, this too would be a great QoL change!

This mechanic could even warrant an additional option for custom battles, something like β€œAllow dynamic loadout selection - Yes / No”, this option could be turned on by default if the mission has infinite respawns for crews.

How it could look (very quick and dirty MS Paint edit to showcase my point):

In my opinion, this change would be a great quality of life feature, since instead of going back to the hangar to change the loadout, and then having to reload the map, you could to it on the fly during the pre-battle / respawn screen, which would reduce time out of the game and allow for a more fluent CB experience.

What do you think? Let me know! :salute:


This would be super cool, CBs in general are super fun and this would be a great change