Localization section for WT Live

Would you like to see a localization section in WT Live?
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Localization mods are a niche, but present, part of the community that don’t have their own section within WT Live. This makes them more difficult to find for the layman, as you would have to search them via the “localisation” or “localization” hashtags in the “Camouflage” section instead.

By adding it, localization mods can be more easily found and the last major part of community content will have its place on the site, rather than hitchhiking off of the “Camouflage” section.

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I think that there should be a broader section called “miscellaneous” for such nieche things. There are probab another few nieche mods that could also be included on this section. That or the sound and control tabs could be merged in a new tab called “sound, control and UI” to include everything, and there we could have sub tabs for each one.