trade convertible (RP) for event vehicles and other items (market)

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hi i would to suggest better way to make players get old event vehicles and other items !

currently their is no other way of getting old event vehicles in easy way the only way by using market or loot boxes that have very low chance of drop !

a lot of players have convertible rp that they never used or use very little and convertible rp has only one use in the game !

i suggest adding limited market for trading convertible rp for old event vehicles & decals & profile images & backgrounds and list goes on.
this market will be only available with other events same as lot boxes.
vehicles will have different prices depends on their rank & how rare they are.
rare tanks like IS-7 / object 279 / AMX-50 will have rare drop chance to be in the trade market and limited numbers can be bought.

example images
disclaimer convertible rp prices are just examples it depends on gajin how they will price them !
IS-7 Cost 50M convertible (RP) for redeemed coupon / IS-7 with trade coupon will cost 100M convertible rp.
Example image for upgrade coupon that can be sold in market.

AMX-50 Cost 30M convertible (RP) for redeemed coupon / AMX-50 with trade coupon will cost 60M convertible rp.
E-100 Cost 80M convertible (RP) for redeemed coupon / E-100 with trade coupon will cost 160M convertible rp.

all of these inside the image will be also available for trade and rare items will be also in limited number like skins & decorators & profile icons. ( but not the ones with white line)

best wishes.


Eh not so much with trade cards but for certain ones during battle passes like the war bonds shop so like when you get to level 50 you unlock the ability to choose one of 3 vehicles each season of one vehicle from each mode so ground/air/sea and it wouldn’t be for vehicles like that more like vehicles that you can’t buy on the market/pack vehicles that were removed and are limited time maybe it’s a good concept though


I’d give up 100 mil of my free RP to have a non-tradable IS-7.


This would be a great and USEFUL way gaijin could thank players who have stuck around with that god horrible convertable RP crap.


Bots from Asia can’t wait


Nice but no, many machines will cease to be unique in any way, it’s better to add options to exchange this RP for regular ones, for example at a low rate of 0.25, etc

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Yeah. How about 100,000 convertable RP for 1 season point?

Well if its non tradeable, it wont do much for them

I’m curious as to how you believe this would make vehicles less unique? As it stands I believe there are around 180? Event vehicles that are doomed to the market place or nowhere at all. I can definitely understand that majority of people will be drawn to the big ticket vehicles such as the is7, e100, amx 50 but I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing, at worst we see one of these tanks every few matches and at best we because they’re more frequently encountered more of these vehicles will be balanced better and moved up/down br as more and more people use them and cry for them to be changed.

World of warships had a system like this where you could purchase one or two ships for crazy amounts of convertible xp and they were still rare, you didn’t see them often and thats with a smaller selection of these vehicles, Earth under has last I counted 177+ vehicles now that we’re event exclusives a vast majority forgotten about as the events are so old most players from that time have moved on

Even if a handful of vehicles become popular and stop being as “unique” why is that a bad thing, more people being able to grind and obtain the vehicles they want and love should be something worked towards not kept away collecting dust on the accounts of people long gone. And none of the things that make these vehicles unique is changing, the vehicles might get balanced better but that’s all, they would just be alot rarer or actually seen in most cases


A nice idea but wont happen, it profits the snail more to keep those vehicles locked to the market so they go for $1,000.00.

Makes sense to have some free options when it comes to using them but i definately can’t see Gaijin possibly doing something that would increase the chances of people not buying Gaijin coins for the market vehicles


they wont give you somthing that make money when someone buy a vehicule on market for FREE

and if they make that system those 3 won t be in the list

dude when someone buy a 2K euro IS-7 gaijin take 400 euro in their pocket you really think your suggestion have a chance

Vehicles may be a challenge, but I want those old stickers

Poeple sell accounts like that

Literally gatekeeping pixel tanks