Commendation System (Friendly, Teamwork, Sportsmanship)

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Picture this: Your playing on Carpathians and get your tank stuck in a trench because you thought you could cross it or weren’t paying attention. Normally you would have a friend pull you out but this time you are playing solo. A random player on your team notices you stuck and comes over to help pull you out. Rather then just only saying thanks in the chat I think it would be awesome to have a commendation system/tracker. (This would have no impact on gameplay or matchmaking just something extra to reward those who are nice etc.)

*This wouldn’t actually have any rewards unless Gaijin decides it would be worth to reward with a title or something I’m not sure.

Purpose: To be able to give somebody a virtual thumbs up for them to display on their player card. To be able to visually display those that go out of their way to help others on their team or communicate in chat and help out the team etc.

I know there are a lot of nice people in the game and I want to promote people assisting other players and be able to visually show that would be a nice little touch.

A way to limit people abusing the system would be if people are your friend you cannot give them commendations and limit it to 1-3 commendations every hour.

Here’s a quick concept I created (symbols are near the profile photo, Legend is below the medals):


I like the idea.

I do think it should be limited to random people though.
People on your fiends lists and squadron (clan) (or associated multi-squadron clans/groups) should not be able to grant it to each other.

This would help prevent the badge being given wrongly (cheating the system)


Sounds like the Counter-Strike Global Offensive system for commendations.

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I think that’s where I first got the idea I cant fully remember.

sorry for off topic but…
How long does it take suggestions in this sub-thread to get approved? I have had a post on “pending” for 4+ days now.

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In hell let loose there is a similar system.
Its capped to a certain number of times someone can be recommended in a game. it happens end game, there is a button next to someone’s line in the scoreboard.
its grants a % of RP and/or SL bonus

its should be rather easy to implement in WT (bonuses already exists in bosster form), there is no drawback as its only possitive recommendation, its not mandatory to recommend, but it would enhance/encourage teamplay. its also a way of saying thank you after a particulary positive game/lobby, wich would be great considering the toxicity sometimes.
its also possible to make it not OP and abusable, like said here above, not between friends (why though?), capped at a certain amount, and not a massive boost. (10% if the snail is feeling generous)

maybe even a big bonus after like 500 recommandations obtained.


It’s a great idea! I had the same idea with someone in Heli PVE today and we decided to make a forum post about it. You did it already so we give you a big extra thumbs up! ♥

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Great suggestion and would like to see something like this added to WT.

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I would like to see a system to commendate a great players

Suggestion passed to the developers for consideration.