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Before we begin I would like to ask how many of you have seen so much hate in the game chat that you had to turn it off? I was one of those who did. That only worked to some degree considering private chat can’t be turned off so every now and again even if you have the game chat turned off, you still have to deal with it just like how I have to and it has reached a breaking point.

I would like to suggest the ability to turn private chat off just like you can with the game chat to finally rid ourselves of the any messages that either can be classified as hate(for various reasons) or those which if I were to give an example of the moderators would probably delete the suggestion post. Those who are in favor, if you feel like it leave a comment and perhaps even give an example of some of the things that have been said to you. Don’t worry, I know how you feel. For those who oppose, if you feel like it leave a comment and detail why it should not be allowed to be disabled.
I look forward to seeing everyone else’s reasons as to why or why not it should or should not happen.

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+1, with the toxicity that this community possesses, I agree with this addition.

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idc if ppl private chat me but for yt i bet its annoying

It is annoying for people who stream on twitch, make content on YouTube, or people who are treated as “less than human” or “inferior” by a part of the community and a sad fact is “that part” of the community is quite large.

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Ya I have had matches where someone rage quits at you for something then they spill it out into a private chat for about 20 minutes.

You can turn off private chat though… You disable PMs from those not in your friends list…


It doesn’t let me do it on my Xbox just like how we can’t turn on the streamer mode on Xbox either. A whole lot of quality of life features (among other things(sales)) are missing from Xbox from what I noticed.

You should definitely have the ability to off chat, even the ‘PMs only from friends’ and possibly have streamer mode.

Sales are different as it relates to MS/Sony wanting their bit.

I’ve got to say I haven’t really had any private chat issues - most of what I’ve been sent hasn’t been bad at all (generally things like a thanks for escorting bombers, for instance) but I can completely understand, given what I see in regular chat at times, wanting to disable it.

This should definitely be an option.

Imagine getting rammed and told you deserve it for playing on a different device. Just had that experience today. My not only nerfed Gripen gets to suffer constant losses with 0 kills now but also getting rammed by imbeciles who have a god complex on their computer. I am tired of it.

I am especially tired of the messages I get since they are more infuriating than that

That setting doesn’t show up for me

I wouldn’t turn it off, if someone’s salty enough to chat me up after a match that’s on them. I just find it entertaining, because no matter what kind of idiotic or vile things they say it just doesn’t bother me one bit becauuuuse… survey says: it’s a game. If people want to be salty, they can be salty. I find it entertaining to see how worked up some people can get over internet military makebelief pixels.

It isn’t funny when it is done to a point where you actually become depressed. Already had it happen that much so I would rather be able to disable private chat completely.

I hate to be “that guy” but I’m kind of an asshole so I’ll be “that guy”: if in-game private messages make you depressed, you need to talk to someone in a professional capacity because realistically, who the hell even cares what some sweaty teenager on the other end of the world thinks of you? Who. Cares.

Maybe it’s because I’m an old coot (46… so maybe not ancient but old) but it absolutely doesn’t bother me one bit; they’re strangers, what do I care? If they want to waste their time that’s entirely up to them. I just close the chat, and move on. Sometimes I’ll engage because it’s funny when some edgy teen starts calling me “son” and suggests he will come over to beat my ass. I’ve been known to occasionally tell people the area I live in, and give them my email address so they can tell me when they want to schedule my ass beating.

Strangely enough in the … let’s say more than 2 decades I’ve been playing multiplayer online games, nobody’s ever taken me up on that offer.

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It would be nice to disable the in-game chat window in one-click during times when the chat degenerates (aka kill-steal accusations, name-calling, anatomical references, lvl 100 jealously, misogyny, racial, your country sucks, etc etc). The current system (blacklisting…disable radio) to block it out is awkward. Try doing all that during a jet or top tier tank match. Too much going on at that point.

Lottah :)

There was an option to recieve only friend message as some point in this game.

Was it removed?

Yes, you just need to disconnect the Russian server from the American-European one and there will be much less swearing in the chat and inappropriate people.

I set the privacy settings to allow only messages from friends, don’t have anyone on my friends list and set all the privacy settings to on, so hopefully problem solved.

I play the game on aircraft arcade mode after work to destress and have a mindless outlet I can win at enough to make it worth playing. Sometimes I got a “great game” from a fellow player I’d tangled with, so cool, you played well also and you’d expect the occasional message from someone you shot down who wasn’t happy about it.

Lately it’s been things like I’m 1-2 kills behind the top scorer and in tactful terms he’s complaining to me about my playing. We were about the same in a game he’ll forget the next day. I don’t know how much is just this game or a fact of life with online playing. It would be nice if there was some camaraderie or keeping it in perspective, but I’m burned out on dealing with people.