Add Operating Nation for vehicles on the wiki

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Right now the only way to figure out the operating nation for a vehicle is to go into the game and look at the flag or operating nation description in game.

I think it would be nice to be able to access that information also out of game on the wiki as that is the go to source for some people when looking into or while talking about a specific WarThunder vehicle.

For example I took the Skink and as you can see in the image above in game it’s currently using the old Canadian Flag (Canadian Red Ensign) in game and on the wiki it just is displayed with Great Britain’s flag (Union Jack).

My suggestion is to do something like this. This is just an example because I got bored and wanted to modify the HTML and CSS of the Wiki however they implement I don’t really care. The mock I made is also responsive so It works for desktops and mobile.


If you had any thoughts on possible other ways they could implement adding the “Operating Nation” for vehicles please feel free to let me know in the comments.