More Aerobatic Smoke Options

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Hey guys! My first suggestion on here, but it seems to be a simple one. I am one of the few who picked up the tri-color smoke from the Thunder League Dog Tag sale in 2015, and I think it would be fun if we could get some more options with the colors!

I have always, always had fun with aerobatic smoke. I think I fly with it on about 90% to 95% of the time. It’s silly, it’s fun, it really doesn’t ‘give away’ your location any more than radar, contrails or -ahem- GIANT RED NAME TAGS do, so I leave mine on. I try and make my smoke matching the colors of the nation I am currently flying, so green/white/red for Italy, white/red/white for Japan, etc. With Germany, and now the introduction of Belgium, we don’t have any black smoke! I would love to rep the black/yellow/red of Belgium, but that isn’t an option, so I thought I would request it here! I can’t see it as being very demanding resource-wise, it would just be a new smoke option in an already-existing mechanic.

Before anyone comments, the only possible ‘negative’ that I can think someone would bring up is that black smoke could be used as a decoy to make your plane look like it was damaged, but I don’t see that as a real argument. First, engine smoke is large and billowy, aerobatic smoke is thin and more streamlined. There is a clear, visual distinction between the two, and often the engine smoke will obscure my tail smoke because it’s so much more pronounced. Second, I don’t see what ‘tricking someone’ with black smoke would accomplish. Would they think “oh they are damaged, I will leave them alone”? I can’t imagine so, I would want to go pounce on a wounded player for an easier kill, not avoid them. Also, we already have bushes and camouflage to ‘trick’ enemy tanks, I dunno what seeing black smoke could do that could be worse.

That’s it! I realize this is a pretty basic request, but that’s why I thought maybe someone over at Gaijin might see it and take a look.

Thanks for reading, and see you in the skies!

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I want my tri-color smoke.

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IMO it should be editable with RGB colors

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even if the black smoke could look like engine smoke, worst case just only allow the black smoke on the wings. (I’m not well versed in aerobatic smoke though)

Aerobatic smoke farthest it’s gone is a Dark Grey. Not black since it may cause panic since that means fire of some sort.

They already did this a long while ago as a test, where people could pick up the new year smoke with snow and snowflakes, grass, neon red, green and such.

But players didn’t massively like them so they faded into obscurity unless you got those smokes before they were removed.

Black smoke would be a good way to bait someone in thinking you are crippled. ];)

I’m still PTSDed from having to try to see thru all the various sparkley smokes during the Night Witch event…

I am talking about the tri-color smoke that you can edit. It was available in 2015, and I have it, I just wish there were more colors, or at least a black color. As I said, I try and emulate the flags of the nations that I am flying with it, and without black, it makes it hard.

Allowing tail + wings to be set independently would be a decent addition.

I would also be nice to have a ‘default’ smoke depending on your nation. That way players could flash their colours to other planes in sim for long range ID.

Of course players could try subterfuge too :)