allow players to test-drive all vehicles

Should we allow players to test drive all vehicles?
  • Yes
  • After reaching level 30
  • After reaching level 50
  • After reaching level 100
  • No

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i’ve often found myself being killed by vehicles which i later realised were actually utter trash with terrible weaknesses, it doesnt happen just to me, but everyone - and this leads to many shit-takes on the forums which negatively impacts the game.

i believe this issue will be part-gone if we allow all vehicles to be test driven.

I’ve also done some research and realised, test drive is locked because apparently, gaijin believes people would install the game, test drive a bit and leave, so unlocking test drive for all vehicles with some other mechanic (such as reaching lvl 100) may make it more considerable for the devs to actually implement this.


Would help a lot with bug testing. I had something I reported the other day, which affected a number of aircraft. I could test just for Britain, as I had those vehicles. But the same vehicles on other nations I just had to guess and assume


Yeah that would be great. it would also be nice for testing and bug reporting like Morvran said especially during dev servers. It would also be nice to determine if the top rank of that tree is worth it or not by test driving those vehicles.

I also like the inclusion of using the level system for test drive unlocks. I wish gaijin used the leveling system more than just it being rather meaningless such as using it to unlock higher tiered premiums instead of right off the bat(but that is another discussion and debate). Either way a big +1 for this.


Cool Idea, to prevent people from testing then leaving the game, Gj can add this feature for lvl50 players and above.


absolutely, and it being unlocked at a certain level is a great idea too


Really want this feature.

+1, it would be a cool reward for reaching a certain level

They used to have this at one point I think would be very useful to be able to test drive any vehicle and any weapons loadout.

I think this is a great idea, but only for players rank 100.
WHY do I think this high rank? Because I know for a fact some people just want to fly the F-14 or F-16, and if they don’t need to play the game, they’ll spend all their time test flying and there would be less players in matches


I agree very much.

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+1 It would be nice for people who want to test new stuff coming to the game outside of the dev server, let alone for the dev server too this would be a nice option to have instead of having to grind stuff if you haven’t got there yet to see what its like for yourself

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i see few people voted “no” too, dont be shy to share your toughts here.

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