Add option to do the hard tasks.

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My suggestion would be to add the option for people to do ‘hard’ tasks in addition to the current existence of easy and medium tasks, tasks that are more challenging to do and give a bit better reward.

Why? Because currently it is quite easy to do both easy and medium tasks, and there’s nothing else for you to do besides special tasks which are meant to be a bit more time consuming and also give away crate as reward. Adding ‘hard’ task option would add one more reason to play at that day, because a lot of people enjoy some kind of ‘task’ that exists.

My suggestion would be to make them a harder version of current medium tasks, of course I am also welcoming any extra suggestions in the comments that I could add to the post.

The progression of ‘rewards’ would look like this:

Easy reward - 2 “Battle Pass” Points

Medium reward – 4 “Battle Pass” Points

Hard reward – 5 “Battle Pass” points but no crate.

Of course, it’s possible to switch up to make special tasks even more special. So alternative suggestion is:

Easy reward - 2 “Battle Pass” Points

Medium reward – 3 “Battle Pass” Points

Hard reward – 4 “Battle Pass” points

As I think hard tasks is more like optional extra activity, I think medium tasks should still be the ones that give ticket to be able to buy special tasks and for hard tasks to be there just for the sake of people who want something to play for in that day.

To get the idea, here are few examples how hard tasks would look compared to medium tasks. The general thing is that hard tasks should be in my opinion require twice as much to do compared to medium in Air AB/Ground AB/Naval AB, 1.5x as much in air RB/Ground RB/ Naval RB, 1.2x as much in Simulator battles.

For example:

Eagle’s Eye – Make required number of critical hits

Air AB:

Medium task: 36 Critical Hits

Hard Task: 72 Critical hits

Air RB:

Medium task: 14 Critical Hits

Hard task: 14*1.5 = 21


Medium Task: 14 Critical Hits

Hard Task : 14*1.2 = 16.8, so let’s say you need 17.

You get the idea; the same math would apply for the tasks in Ground and Naval modes. The main thing is hard tasks would be same variant that medium tasks are, but made it harder, but not as hard as special tasks.

I’m open to suggestions on how to improve the suggestion by you guys in comments if you think there’s something to add. Thank you for your time.


For really good players this would be extremely helpful! +1

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I just felt purposeless after completion of daily and special tasks, I really need this. +1

Some days I get both done in 1hr, some days I only get the easy done lol

But this would be nice for those fast days

Honestly even just a second medium task, as doing an even harder task after doing both is a big what if