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Currently for console players, obtaining your desired camouflages from major update trophies are purely based on luck, this gives console players an unfair pricing for single trophy camouflages with no ability for any form of return compared to PC players (due to marketplace access). Console accounts do have a workshop to exchange camouflages, however the “exchange rate” is 2.5 : 1 or 4 : 1 for only another chance at a random camouflage. Furthermore, since the camouflage rarity was standardised to uncommon (from common, uncommon, rare, ultra rare) the exchanges were never optimised for the reduction for overall camouflage value.

As console players know, there are 2 types of camouflage exchanges.
The standard trophy exchange that requires 5 exchange vouchers to open. This one is a standard trophy that allows repeated camouflages and vehicles.

The “non-repeat exchange” which requires 8 vouchers to open. This one will not repeat camouflages but does not include vehicles.

To complete the non-repeat exchanges, you will need 320 coupons. Each camouflage can be converted to 2 vouchers which is equivalent to 160 camouflages/trophy openings.

Let’s say you want a single camouflage, but you are extremely unlucky and don’t get your desired camouflage (or a vehicle) in the 121 openings and until the 40th camouflage exchange (121+39=160).

Therefore, you will have to spend up to 72,479 GE on purely opening the initial 121 trophies + 99GE for purchasing every trophy in the first place. If you bought every trophy you opened, you would have to pay a grand total of 84,458 GE. All, for a single camouflage with no leftovers.

So I would like to present a solution by overhauling the “non-repeat exchange”.

My proposed solution

Allow for exchange voucher(s) to be directly converted to the desired camouflage. A similar mechanic already exist for event decal coupons where they are directly able to convert to other decals on a 1:1 exchange as seen below:

In this proposal, the “non-repeat exchange” is overhauled so that vouchers or unwanted camouflages can be directly converted to the desired camouflage as seen in the image below:

This solution would allow for console players to obtain the skin they want instead of potentially spending tens of thousands of GE for a single desired skin. I believe this will also encourage more players to spend GE on these trophies when there is a guarantee for their desired camouflage as opposed to a ~2% chance in the current system.


Console players need this.

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