Profile Titles... But For Vehicles!

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Hello everyone! I’m here to suggest a mechanic that would allow players to unlock profile titles, but which can be assigned to individual vehicles.

Naming individual vehicles is something that real crews have done a lot throughout history. The way this could be represented in War Thunder, would be to have a grindable pool of names that you can assign to your vehicles when you unlock them.

This is similar to how profile titles work already: specific game actions, whether in random battles or in events and the battle pass, can unlock new profile titles for players to use.

There are a few characteristics of specifically naming vehicles that present unique advantages:

  1. It allows the player to further customise their favourite vehicles, and provides a motivation to grind or complete specific game tasks

  2. While you can only use one profile title at a time, there are over 2000 vehicles in War Thunder. The ability to assign names to individual vehicles would give even veteran players another goal to look forward to, while also being intuitively friendly to newer players

  3. It is an incredibly flexible system

The last point in particular is worth expanding on.

What I like the most about this idea is that you could go in many different directions with it. The following are just examples, and are not meant to be exhaustive. They’re also not mutually exclusive: just like profile titles come from a variety of sources (packs, battle pass etc) the same could apply here.

Pages Of History: it’s very easy to tie vehicle titles to Pages Of History, by going with historical names actually given to individual vehicles in the past. The examples I thought of are Moritz (a Sturer Emil) and Eagle (a Churchill).

Game actions, events, and battle pass: generic names could be tied to the accomplishment of specific in game actions and achievements. Events and battle passes could include more thematic vehicle titles which go with the general flavour of the overall event.

Collabs: War Thunder has been doing a fair share of collabs over the last couple of years. Depending on the specifics of course, this could potentially allow for grindable vehicle names that fit the themes of a collab event like last year’s Atomic Heart.

Camos and more: potentially some vehicle names could even be attached to individual camouflages.

Another idea could be to have a few “special” vehicle titles that get unlocked after playing a vehicle over an extensive period of time - some players specialise and play a handful of vehicles a lot. It would be potentially fun to give them something to grind beyond, for example, acing a crew, that does not confer them a competitive advantage over other players, but is cosmetic only.

I think it’s important to note that a suggestion of this kind, could potentially fit really well with the increased focus on social features, kill cam information, and player customisation we’ve seen from the devs recently; I believe good timing is an added bonus of this mechanic.

In any case, thanks for reading, and have fun in game!


While this is quite a good idea, I don’t think this would be a good use of developer resources to develop and implement into the game. When comparing this idea to a possible QoL change or bug fix I think I’d rather have one of those over the ability to name vehicles.

Aside from that, wouldn’t this also be confusing in the killfeed? (Assuming that the new vehicle name would take place of the default one in the killfeed and killcam)

That’s ultimately for the devs to consider, obviously nothing wrong with prioritising! But since it mimics a system we already have, I don’t suppose it would be an especially labour intensive mechanic to set up. Of course if I’m wrong, then I’m wrong!

I didn’t envision it replacing the username in the feed. We have something of an unknown here: we don’t know what they mean exactly in the roadmap when mentioning killcam customisation as part of the social features they’re apparently planning.

But one thing I do know is that the kill feed already shows more information than it did before (the ammo type was added after I started playing) and recently Gaijin has been putting some effort into making things optional for people, so that you can decide how much or how little you see (from kill feed info, to UI, to night battles and now even top tier Air matchmaking). So if it ends up being overwhelming in terms of info delivery, there’ll be the option to turn it off for sure, I would imagine!

Certainly, I am not a developer either and if this is quite easy to implement and maintain, then I see no reason why it couldn’t be a feature of the game.

I meant that this would be confusing if it replaced the vehicle name, not the username.
E.g. Churchill with Shot Mk.9 Killed Sturer Emil → Eagle with Shot Mk.9 Killed Moritz

I took it to mean that they planned to implement a call card system like in COD or battlefield. Where once killed by a player, you can see their profile with decorations.

Heres a snippet of that section from the most recent roadmap:



I like this idea. +1

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I’m gonna say +1 because freedom of the player is a good thing. But you just know there’s going to be a flood of absolutely immature meme names for a lot of stuff lmao, so for those who’d want it there should also be an option for you to not be able to see other player’s unique named vehicles

Well, you couldn’t just type one out, that’d be impossible to moderate. Like profile titles, you’d have to grind them out from an existing pool supplied by Gaijin. 😁

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I dont see where or when it is needed in this game… As seeing “Raam segoul” in killchat already makes me pretty frustrated on what tank it is.

It depends on your definition of need.

War Thunder is a game, so an inherently leisurely activity. Unless you stream it as a job, you have no need to play it to begin with.

Beyond that, the only things it “needs” are those that keep the game financially viable for Gaijin and enjoyable and accessible for many players. But there is more to even game development than just bare necessities: after all, do we need profile titles? Not really, but they’re there, and the beauty about them is that they’re a nice thing to focus on if you want to, but they’re also optional and you can just ignore them if that’s your preference.

Also… these mechanics usually do serve a wider purpose. Anything that is customisable and grindable is an incentive to play the game, use SL and RP, and most critically, keep lobbies populated. Gaijin is constantly supplying players with little goals they can set for themselves to stay focused and organise their play time, because it works. In single player games, you finish a level. In WT, you unlock a vehicle or a modification, you get a profile pic, or a title, or a camo, or a battle pass challenge. It’s not a groundbreaking thing.

Well. Sounds pretty convincing to me. You got my vote

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