Use unlocked loading screens in-game as profile backgrounds on the forum

Do you think the WarThunder forums should allow in-game loading screens as profile backgrounds?
  • Yes
  • No

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Where do you want to see profile backgrounds?
  • Profile Popup
  • Profile Summary
  • I said no

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Out of the profile summary backgrounds which do you prefer?
  • Version 1
  • Version 2
  • Version 2a
  • I said No

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Currently on the forums I noticed a while back that was a background on the profile popup (105px top-margin added to the <div class="card-content"> but I think this are could provide a large opportunity to be able to add some more individuality to each profile as well to be able to show off that one rare loading screen that you grinded for.
See the area above my name/profile photo.

This list would be pull from the users in-game list of unlocked loading screens (of course they may need to be trimmed a bit or but either that can be done by Gaijin for ease of use or by the use or by the user if they want using a easy crop editor)

These are not perfect as my skills with photo shop are amateur and its a mix of HTML editing and photoshop. But these can give a visual representation of what I am talking about.
Here is an example of what I mean for the popup:

Screenshot 2023-08-23 142945

I thought the same thing could apply for the profile summary as I feel like there’s a lot of individually that so here are some examples using the same background as the popup.

Version 1:

In Version 2 I thought the extra space could be used to include more information that is missing from the profiles that was visible on the old forum and that is listed on the profile popup.

Version 2:

Version 2a: