List of Previously Suggested Ideas - China Aircraft

A reference archive of previously suggested threads related to China Aircraft. This thread is a document for everyone to see and check before they create a double post on an already discussed idea.

IMPORTANT: If you find something previously suggested/discussed that is not on this list and should be, please PM the Suggestion Moderators and let them know!

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  • General Dynamics F-16A Block 20 Fighting Falcon (late)【Suggestion

  • Guangdong Aircraft Repair Factory Yangcheng Kesai No. 108【Suggestion

  • Lockheed T-33A【Suggestion
  • Lockheed F-104 Starfighter
    • F-104A-19-LO Starfighter (J79-GE-19)【Suggestion

  • North American F-86D-36-NA Sabre【Suggestion
  • North American P-51B-1-NA Mustang【Suggestion

xBTipiN.png Modifications / Loadouts xBTipiN.png





  • Chengdu J-7
    • Chengdu J-7D【Suggestion(2.23) “Apex Predators”
    • Chengdu J-7E【Suggestion(2.07) “Red Skies”

  • Curtiss Model 68 Hawk III【Suggestion(1.91) “Night Vision”

  • General Dynamics F-16A block 20【Suggestion(2.23) “Apex Predators”

  • Gloster Gladiator Mk. I «Arthur “Art” Chin»【Suggestion(1.91) “Night Vision”

  • Lavochkin La-11【Suggestion(2.13) “Winged Lions”

  • Mitsubishi A6M2 Model 21 Reisen【Suggestion(1.93) “Shark Attack”

  • North American F-86F-40-NA Sabre【Suggestion(1.99) “Starfighters”
  • North American F-100 Super Sabre
    • North American F-100A Super Sabre【Suggestion(1.97) “Viking Fury”
    • North American F-100F Super Sabre【Suggestion(2.29) “Sons of Attila”

  • Shenyang J-11【Suggestion(2.33) “Air Superiority”

  • Vultee V-11G【Suggestion(2.03) “Hot Tracks”
  • Vultee V-12D【Suggestion(2.11) “Ground Breaking”

  • Xi’an JH-7A Feibao【Suggestion(2.31) “Kings of Battle”




  • Lockheed Martin F-16V Fighting Falcon【Suggestion


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