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Hello everyone :), what I would like to introduce today is A-5M made by Nanchang Aircraft Manufacturing Plant.


After the A-5C was exported to Pakistan in 1981, the Pakistani side was relatively satisfied with the aircraft’s performance, but believed that the aircraft’s electronic equipment was outdated. In order to further expand the foreign market and meet operational needs, China’s Nanchang Aircraft Manufacturing Plant began seeking foreign partners in 1984 to modernize and upgrade the old Q-5 fighter jet to meet the operational needs.

At that time, the electronic equipment of the Q-5 Strike Fighter was a replica of the Soviet Union, with performance far behind other countries, and did not have the ability to fight all day under night and harsh weather conditions. At that time, China’s aircraft manufacturing technology encountered a bottleneck period, and without new aircraft, China also needed to upgrade this main model. Therefore, Factory 302 decided to work with foreign technical experts during the honeymoon period to upgrade.

At this time, Italy and Brazil jointly developed the AMX attack aircraft, which had advanced avionics equipment. The modern fire control system it was equipped with was of great interest to China, so they proposed to cooperate and work together to modernize the Q-5 strike aircraft. After multiple rounds of negotiations, the two countries signed a contract, with Italy providing onboard electronic equipment and ground testing equipment and responsible for avionics system design, integration, and testing, while China is responsible for aircraft structural modification design, prototype trial production, and aircraft testing.
There are many improvements to this aircraft, the electronic countermeasures system adopts a passive interference system consisting of a 930 radar tail guard warning device and a 914-4 (B) foil/infrared jamming missile launcher. Pilots can choose to automatically or manually deploy jamming foil or infrared jamming missiles to improve the aircraft’s survival ability. Install the American made APX-102 IFF identification system. In order to provide power to the newly installed avionics equipment, Chinese engineers have rewired and installed new inverters, improved oil pipelines, and reserved aerial refuelling positions.

R-C (2)

In June 1987, The various upgrades and modifications of the A-5M were completed, and assembly began in December of the same year. The first prototype was finally completed in August 1988. In September 1988, the aircraft was first exhibited at the Farnborough Air Show in the UK and received unanimous recognition and good reviews from abroad. It is considered a successful aircraft model. Unfortunately, due to the end of the honeymoon period, the aircraft faced a military embargo in China, and the required avionics equipment for aircraft modification could not be imported to China. As a result, the project was halted and mass production was not possible. However, the technology and experience gained from the aircraft were used to develop more aircraft in the later stages, and the prototype was placed outdoors at the South China Flight Test Field.

In game

The A-5M is an upgraded attack aircraft. After upgrading its avionics and mounting capabilities, the aircraft has greatly improved compared to the original version, and its combat efficiency has increased by dozens of times. Therefore, it is very suitable to be added to the game. His mounting is diverse and diverse, with PL-5B and AIM-9L options for air to air missiles. It is recommended to fold it with Q-5L and place it at 11.0.


  • Crew:1
  • Engine:2 × WP-6
  • Max speed:1210km/h
  • Gun:23-2K 23mm gun(100 rounds each)
  • Combat payload -3000 kilograms,12 hanging points
  • Ground attack weapons: Mk.82 bomb、Mk.83 bomb、Type 250-2 , Type 250-3、BL755、BLU-107、130-1 rockets、90-1 rockets、NUR 57-2 rocket nests(8x57mm、7x68mm)
  • Air to air missiles:PL-2、PL-2B、PL-7、R.550、PL-5B、AIM-9L.
  • Survival capability: Electronic countermeasures (ECM) suite, RW-30 omnidirectional radar warning receiver, 930 radar tail guard missile approach warning system,914-4 (B) Type Chaff/flare projector,APX-102 Identification Friend or Foe System
  • Avionics equipment: Inertial Navigation System (INS), Head Up Display (HUD), Ranging Radar, Air Data Computer,Doppler navigation radar
  • Maximum takeoff weight: 12052kg
  • Maximum range: 2000km
  • Fuel weight: 2825kg
  • Practical ceiling: 15850 meters





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