North American F-86D-36NA "Sabre Dog"

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North American F-86D-36NA “Sabre Dog”




The United States transferred a total of 18 (enough to form a single squadron dedicated to all-weather interception) F-86D fighter jets from the 25th Squadron at Kansai Airport to the Taiwanese Air Force on September 5, 1960. The model of these aircraft was F-86D-36NA, which featured a drag chute module at the root of the vertical tail and a missile pylon inside the wing capable of mounting 2 AIM-9B Sidewinder missiles.

Due to its design for bomber interception missions and weapon configuration, the F-86D was not ideally suited for air combat missions aimed at air supremacy.

On the evening of November 13th, 1965, amphibious vessels were replenishing the Republic of China troops stationed on Wuqiu island. Assisting in the mission were the minesweeper Yungchang and patrol boat Yungtai. Just past midnight, the Yungchang and Yungtai encountered eight PLAN ships, including five gunboats and three destroyer escorts. The 44th Fighter Squadron promptly launched its F-86D aircraft for combat air patrol in the area, but no PLAAF fighters engaged them. Upon depleting their fuel, the F-86D aircraft returned to base early in the morning. The naval clash resulted in the sinking of Yungchang, while Yungtai managed to sink four PLAN gunboats in retaliation. The F-86D aircraft were retired from service on May 11th, 1966, as more radar-equipped F-104s from the US were introduced.

On May 11, 1966, the Taiwan Air Force retired the F-86D fighter jets from active service and returned them to the United States. Subsequently, the United States transferred these aircraft to South Korea and the Philippines.

Technical Data


Crew - 1

Length - 12.27 m

Height - 4.57 m

Wingspan - 11.31 m

Empty Weight - 6,132 kg

Gross Weight - 9,060 kg

Powerplant - 1 x General Electric J47-GE-17B (24.14 kN dry, 33.4 kN wet)

Max Speed - 1,151 km/h

Rate of Climb - 61.7 m/s

Range - 531 km

Service Ceiling - 15,163 m


2 x AIM-9B AAMs

24 x 70mm Mighty Mouse Rockets


Hughes E-3 Fire Control System (Rockets)

AN/APG-36 Radar









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