CD-1 Chaff dispenser

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Hey guys today I’ll be suggesting the CD-1 chaff dispenser for current and future Republic of China Air Force planes.


The CD-1 chaff dispenser was developed by the National Chung-Shan institute of science and technology in Taiwan. It’s main purpose was to defend aircraft (mainly the AT-3) on ground attack missions against naval and ground anti air radar systems and weaponry. It’s known to have been suspended on the ROCAF F-104G and the AT-3 (not in game yet). On the AT-3 it was used to test it’s effect on radar, with the intended outcome of making the radar lose track of the distance and bearing of the aircraft. The dispensing mode of the chaff pod varied on what the mission required and other factors such as speed, dispensing time, wake, and high altitude wind. According to one F-104 pilot, supposedly taking about the chaff pod, it has manual and automatic dispensing modes. Interestingly there was a successor developed, the CD-2A, however ROC military headquarters saw no need for it and very little is known about it.

In Warthunder

In game having the CD-1 chaff dispenser would help the ROC F-104G defend against radar guided missiles. Currently it has no countermeasures so giving it chaff would give players an option for additional defense at higher tiers. It’s added weight to the plane however would have players decide between speed or added protection.


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Other notes:
Special thanks to ROC_Hawtduce who helped with obtaining pictures from the ROCAF F-104 book and efforts to gather more information from the ROC military website. Unfortunately the only information available was a text only research paper and Air Force request for the chaff pod’s motor.