Shenyang J-6 III, The last stand of an energy god

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Hi community, i want to suggest the Shenyang J6-Ⅲ / 歼-6Ⅲ variant of the J-6.

The J6-Ⅲ is like a ultimate realisation of the J6/Mi19 platform, being the last large scale production variant of the God of Energy and including many significant aerodynamic improvements and changes including those unique to the type and ones from previous prototypes and versions.



The J6-Ⅲ was designed originally as a much improved variant to the existing J6 aircraft in the fleet of the PLAAF, with the intention of improving its performance as a all weather maneuverable fighter while Chengdu J-7 and Shenyang J-8 were having development setbacks in that era. The first flight of the new variant was in 1969 August 5, the type however did not have an easy introduction.

In the first batch of production by Shen Fei factory, there were many production flaws that were apparent with the new interceptor variant, as the factory used inadequate materials, low quality non certified steel, and rushed without certification prioritizing quantity over quality. This resulted in all aircraft that were delivered being returned and over 300 aircraft having to be reproduced and improvements were made with the air intake and hydraulic systems, with the type being reintroduced in 1975.

The variant however enjoyed a long service life until the PLAAF retired the ageing J6 type in the late 1990s.

While the J6-Ⅲ mainly carried PiLi 2 / thunderbolt 2 type as the main anti air missile, some prototypes were also produced with minor modification to the wing tip pylon allowing them to be mounted with early PL5 anti air missile.

How it fits in War thunder:

Even though the Mi19/J6 were a popular aircraft type, there are very few unique variants of the aircraft available in the game compared to others like J7/Mi21. The playstyle of the aircraft was always one that depended on a experienced pilot that can out energy most opponents, and having a variant that maximizes maneuverability, insane thrust to weight ratio higher than other variants, new engines and missiles can lead to a vehicle fans and new players can enjoy.

Detail imags
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Specifications (J6-Ⅲ late production):

  • Engine: 2 Wopen WP6A engines, 31.87 kN thrust when afterburning
  • Thrust to weight ratio: Maximum 0.988
  • Rated top speed at 9000m: 1490kmh
  • Length: 14.64m
  • Wingspan: 9m
  • Height: 3.89m
  • Empty weight: 5447kg
  • TOW: 7545kg (no drop tanks)
  • Combat range: 680km
  • Long voyage range with drop tank: 2200km
  • Ceiling: 17900m
  • Drag chute for landing is moved from older J6 types to fix design flaw that caused upset if nose gears were not on ground when deployed
  • Take off distance: 670m no afterburner
  • Landing distance: 890m no drag chute

Image with empty wingtip pylon and drop tanks


  • 3 Type 30 cannon
    2 mounted on wing and one under nose.
    Ammunition: 70 Round per wing cannon, 55 in nose cannon.
    Total ammunition: 195

  • Anti air missile: PiLi 2, early PL 5 in prototypes derived
    Image of J6Ⅲ-G

  • Anti ground low drag bomb Maximum capacity: 500 kg (2 x 250)
    Mounted on inboard pylons only.

  • FFAR pods:
    Mounted on inboard pylons only.

  • Drop tank:
    760 liter capacity, mounted on both wings typically on inboard pylons.

Detail image




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+1 However:Models that can only be equipped with PL-2

Prototype models equipped with PL-5 may have difficulty adjusting the BR.
Anyway, I’d love to see what the Mig-19 has reached in this game!


Sounds like fun! +1


This thing would be my personal favorite of the Chinese tree if ever implemented. +1, more stuff to bring uniqueness to the China tree



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Suggestion passed to the developers for consideration.

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