ROCAF T-33A jet trainer.

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Hey guys today I’ll be suggesting the ROCAF T-33A trainer for the Chinese tech tree

The T-33A was a US jet trainer that started its service with the Republic of China in 1953 where it was used as part of the Jet Transition Training Program to train the first fighter jet pilots of the ROCAF. Prior to receiving jet aircraft the Republic of China Air Force (ROCAF) was in a bit of a dire situation as they only had P-47N’s to deal with the PLAAF’s new Russian MiG fighter jets. The P-47N’s were able to hold their own against the MiGs for a bit but the ROC and US knew they couldn’t hold them off forever.
The first T-33’s arrived on June 16, 1953 around the same time as the first F-84G’s arrived in Taiwan. When ROCAF pilots and commanders first flew in the new trainers with US Air Force instructors, they were in awe and overjoyed with excitement as it was unlike anything they’ve experienced before. Their days of going toe to toe with PLAAF MiG’s in P-47N’s were over. The new ROCAF fighter jet pilots would go on to serve in the F-84G and F-86 fighter jets and face off against the PLAAF MiGs in the First Taiwan strait crisis. Later on in 1957 the T-33’s were transferred to the ROC Air Force Academy where it was used to help train up and coming pilots of the ROCAF until it’s retirement. In 1977 some of them served with the 35th combat squadron for nighttime ground attack and electronic countermeasure missions. They were finally decommissioned from the ROCAF in 1989 after being the first jet many ROCAF pilots flew in for nearly 40 years. They were replaced by the indigenous AT-3 trainer which still serve in the ROCAF today.

Commemorative photo of students of the Republic of China Air Force academy in front of a T-33 sometime in the 1950’s.

T-33 leading a formation of ROCAF fighters


Length: 37 ft 9 in (11.5 m)

Wingspan: 38 ft 10.5 in (11.85 m)

Height: 11 ft 8 in (3.56 m)

Gross Weight: 11,960 lb (5,425 kg)

Engine: J33-A-35 with 5,200 lb (2,360 kg) thrust

Max speed: 926 km/h

Service ceiling: 47,500 feet (14,478 m)


2 x 12.7mm Browning M2 (300 rounds each/ 600 total)

2 x 500lb bombs

4 x 5 inch rockets

8 x 2.75 inch rockets





In game:

The T-33A would make a good beginner jet for the Chinese tech tree. Even though it just has 2 x 0.50 cals, its rockets and bombs give it an added boost in terms of offensive capabilities and can be used to help bring down air targets or strike ground targets in ground battles. It’d be a good connection between the ROCAF prop fighters and Jets or just before the F-84G in the attacker line.

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+1 good starter jet

Great for COIN/light attack, which I love! +1

Could be a good squadron vehicle for the Chinese air TT.


A nice & fun starter jet, but definitely not a good squadron jet, just leave squadron jet for higher tiers…