Modern J7 — FTC-2000G (Condor)Multi-Role Fighter

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The FTC-2000G Multipurpose Fighter is the latest derivative of the FTC-2000 program, developed and developed by Guizhou Aviation Industry (Group) Co., Ltd. in China. With its good airworthiness and advantages brought by a two seater aircraft, the specially designed wings can carry more ammunition and perform more combat or auxiliary tasks, mainly conducting training tasks, air surveillance, patrol tasks, reconnaissance, electronic warfare Close range air support and air escort missions.

The FTC-2000G multi-purpose fighter jet is the cheapest aircraft in the world with a DSI inlet, and can also be considered the latest derivative of the MiG 21 family. It is no longer a nose inlet, which allows for the installation of larger and more avionics equipment. The second-generation aircraft has a body, but it is equipped with many devices that were not possessed by earlier third-generation fighters.

The FTC-2000G successfully made its maiden flight at Anshun Airport in Guizhou on September 28, 2018. It taxied less than 400 meters and then flew into the sky with its head held high. After a 10 minute flight, it landed smoothly, with a maximum range of 2400 kilometers. The power system is a turbojet 13F (C) engine, with a maximum flying speed of 1.2 Mach, a minimum level flight speed of 195 kilometers per hour, and a maximum flight time of about 3 hours. The maximum payload weight of FTC-2000G can reach 3 tons, and the maximum takeoff weight can reach 11 tons. The FTC-2000G has a total of 7 weapon mounting points, which can carry rockets, aerial bombs, air-to-air combat missiles, guided bombs, and various types of pods.

This aircraft adopts a tandem two seat cockpit, with a somewhat retro wing design. The wings are equipped with double delta wings and high sweep horizontal/vertical tails, with wing edges. The cockpit has a relatively wide field of view and low to medium altitude maneuverability, improving stable hovering angular velocity and increasing nose pointing angle. It can preemptively occupy the missile launch position during aerial combat.

The FTC-2000G uses more modern avionics equipment, cancels all mechanical and electrical instruments, and uses a LCD display screen. The fire control and communication station below the head up display is no longer a button with LED tubes, but has been integrated into a digital display. Its functions are no longer limited to fire control and communication stations, and other tactical information can be added and displayed.

Radar performance and parameters


The FTC-2000G is equipped with the KLJ-7 fire control radar, which has a radar antenna diameter of about 600 millimeters, a detection distance of about 80 kilometers at the bottom, a detection distance of about 105 kilometers at the top, and a plane search distance of about 120 kilometers. It can conduct air to sea searches. The radar also has synthetic aperture imaging and ground moving target indication modes, mainly used for precise ground strikes.

Engine performance and parameters


The FTC-2000G adopts a turbojet 13F (C) engine developed and produced by Guizhou Liyang Aviation Engine (Group) Co., Ltd. It has a maximum thrust of 4.8 tons, a full thrust of 7 tons, and a total lifespan of 900-1200 hours. It is a deeply improved version of the second-generation engine

Airframe ratio


fuselage length: 15.142m, width: 9.988m, height: 4.68m

fire emplacement

The FTC-2000G is capable of using a variety of new foreign trade weapons developed and produced in China, equipped with a dual barrel 23-3 23mm machine gun. It can carry various types of air-to-air missiles and precision guided weapons, including PL-5DE short-range air-to-air missiles, PL-9C short-range air-to-air missiles, SD-10A medium range air-to-air missiles, CM-102 anti radiation missiles, CM-704KG air-to-ground missiles, C-705K air-to-ground missiles, LS-6/GB500C laser guided bombs, LS-6-GB250 laser guided bombs, FT-3 precision guided bombs, and FT-12 precision guided bombs

more data


Wing Loading : 374.8KG/m2(76.8lb/sq ft)
Take-off run : 400-500m(1312-1640 ft)
practical ceiling :15km
Mount point : 7 (6 under the wing, and 1 on the belly)

More FTC-2000G images



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MiG-21 is one of my favourite jets.

I wish they made a single seat version though.

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Didn’t Myanmar rebellion recently just shot one of them down using HN-6? Now if pgz04’s missile in game is as capable as it is IRL…

HN-6 also has many upgraded versions, but Gaijin is lazy and unwilling to distinguish them


Update notification, I have added the latest information I have found in the text, such as the FTC-2000G machine gun


I think you should specify the user nation here. Some users of FTC-2000G have equipped AESA radar in their FTC2000G.


Thank you very much. After my investigation, the “AESA” radar in this picture is the KLJ-7A active phased array radar, equipped with the JF-17 "fighter jet, not the FTC-2000. By looking at the picture, we can see that the wing in your picture is not the wing design of the FTC-2000 series, but rather the JF-17 wing



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Ultimate J-7

The ultimate MiG-21! Very cool! +1

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KLJ-7A is offered for both JF-17 and FTC2000G. Buyer can choose between AESA and normal pulse doppler radar.
It is said that Myanmar’s FTC-2000 received KLJ-7A radar.

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Yeah that’s a JF-17 in the picture

Thank you very much, but I haven’t found any official evidence on my end. If I find it, I will make changes to it

Few years ago I saw one official document mentioning FTC2000G’s AESA radar. If I can find that document again I will share it.


defenetive + 1

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+1,ultimate mig21

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really want to fly this ultimate mig-21 in game.

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We can’t redeem it unless we are in China. This is region locked.

By using a VPN that can access China?