Shenyang J-6B

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Shenyang J-6B




The J-6B is an all-weather interceptor that operates at supersonic speeds and is based on the design of the Soviet MiG-19PM aircraft. One of its key features is its ability to carry up to 4 K-5M (PL-1) air-to-air missiles. Factory 320 was responsible for manufacturing this aircraft.

In a telegram sent on March 21, 1959, the Fourth Bureau of the First Aircraft Ministry informed Factory 320 that in order to streamline aircraft production and ensure the continued output of Factory 320, the task of copying and producing the MiG-19PM aircraft would be transferred to them. The trial production of the aircraft was successfully completed by the end of 1959, and it entered mass production in 1960.

Factory 320 initiated the imitation process of the MiG-19PM in November 1958, with the aim of transitioning from a propeller aircraft manufacturer to a jet aircraft manufacturer. On September 28, 1959, Factory 320 successfully replicated the MiG-19PM, underwent national appraisal on November 28, and subsequently manufactured 7 aircraft. In September of 1960, the component assembly stage was initiated. In response to the overall decrease in aviation product quality during that period, a comprehensive quality rectification process commenced towards the end of 1960. Subsequently, final assembly and test flights did not resume until 1963. By 1966, a total of 19 J-6Bs had been delivered. On June 30, 1967, the Third Machinery Department officially informed Factory 320 that the MiG-19PM aircraft had been discussed and agreed to be discontinued by the Military Commission, pending approval from Chairman Mao Zedong. Despite the discontinuation of the J-6B, it remained in service until the early 2000s.

Technical Data


Crew - 1

Length - 13.025 m

Height - 3.885 m

Wingspan - 9 m

Empty Weight - 5,587 kg

Gross Weight - 7,902 kg

Max Takeoff Weight - 8,843 kg

Powerplant - 2 x WP-6 Turbojet Engine (25.5 kN Dry, 31,9 kN Wet)

Max Speed - 1,230 km/h

Cruising Speed - 900 km/h

Stall Speed - ~250 km/h

Service Ceiling - 16,600 m

Rate of Climb - 115 m/s

Range - 1,690 km


4 x PL-1 / K-5M Beam-riding AAM

2 x 23mm Cannons

(Conflicting on wither or not it can mount both at the same time)


RP-2U Izumrud 2 Radar







(Book) Encyclopedia of Chinese Aircraft (Vol. 3) (Pg16-Pg17)

(Book) China’s Navy Ships and Aircraft of the People’s Republic of China, 1955 - 2021 (Pg B-7)

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I would assume that since the MiG-19PM only carried the missiles, the guns must get in the way of the missile guidance system. This is just a guess though. Anyways, that and the Soviet counterpart are a +1 from me, would like to see more variants of the Farmer…

Would still massively prefer the J-6III over this but still +1

Beam-riding missiles! Yes! +1

I assume J-6B in the folder with J-6A in rank VI

I am a bit confused that the No.14025 aircraft does not have any guns yet the No.14121 one has.

Most likely due to the PL-1/K-5M’s retirement