TB-3 AM-34 P

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TB-3 M-34-P


Extra Info

“Encyclopedia of Chinese Aircraft, Vol 1.” Refers to the aircraft as TB-3 M-34-P

“A History of Chinese Aviation” Refers to the aircraft as TB-3 M-34RN

however, the aircraft is missing the traits of the 34RN model, such as there being 2 blade propellors on the outer engines.

since it t has minor differences from the 34RN, i will be using the “P” designation.



The TB-3, which originated from the TB-1 twin-engine bomber in the 1920s, is a four-engine bomber crafted by the Tupolev Design Bureau. One notable characteristic of this aircraft is its complete construction using aluminum alloy skin. Additionally, it had various variations such as torpedo bombers, transport aircraft, aerial refueling, rocket-assisted flight, and parasitic aircraft mounts, along with other test aircraft.

In 1937, China received six TB-3-4AM-34RN aircraft from the Soviet Union. These aircraft were assigned to the 19th Squadron of the 8th Battalion and underwent training at Lanzhou Airport. However, they were not deployed for combat and were solely utilized as transport planes until the end of November. Unfortunately, one of the aircraft crashed during training. The remaining five planes were operated by both Chinese and Soviet pilots and redirected to Nanchang. It was there that they were spotted by Japanese reconnaissance planes and subsequently targeted by Japanese aircraft on December 13. While some of the planes managed to divert to Nanchang before the air attack, others were pursued by Japanese planes and subjected to bombing. As a result, two TB-3s were completely destroyed and two suffered severe damage. Following repairs, the three remaining aircraft continued to fulfill transportation duties.

Guo Jiaxiao and Zhang Junze, two Chinese pilots, embarked on a flight from Lanzhou to Han with a complete complement of passengers. However, while passing through Gansu Province, they encountered a major setback when the outer engine failed. Given the treacherous mountainous terrain ahead, their only option was to turn back and head towards Lanzhou. Tragically, during their return journey, the engine suddenly malfunctioned, resulting in a devastating fire that caused the wings to break apart. The plane subsequently crashed into a mountain, leading to the loss of all but two of the 25 members of the Soviet Aviation Volunteer Corps who were on board.

In 1939, a TB-3 aircraft underwent training at the Chengdu Airport. However, during the landing process, the plane veered off course due to strong crosswinds and collided with the ground. Regrettably, this incident resulted in the destruction of the aircraft and the loss of all lives on board. Consequently, the use of TB-3 planes was discontinued following this tragic event.

Technical Data


Length - 25.18 m

Height - 8.47 (?) m

Wingspan - 40.5 m

Empty Weight - 11,200 (?) kg

Gross Weight - 18,090 kg

Max Speed - 280 km/h

Rate of Climb - 3.2 m/s

Crew - 7

Engine - 4 x M-34RN V-12 Liquid cooled engines (634 kW each)

Service Ceiling - 6800 m
(?) Means that in some sources it is specified, and in some it is unknown.


1 x 7.62mm ShKAS in nose turret.

1 x 7.62mm ShKAS in dorsal turret.

1 x 7.62mm ShKAS in tail turret.

1 x 7.62mm ShKAS in ventral turret.

10 x FAB-100
4 x FAB-250

2 x FAB-500

1 x FAB-2000 (unclear if carried on ROCAF TB-3’s)









(Book) Encyclopedia of Chinese Aircraft, Vol.1 - Page 103-105

(Book) A History of Chinese Aviation -Page 286



Seems pretty copy-paste to me…

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It is not copy paste, the TB-3 in game is an earlier model with more robust dimensions, however, the one that i have suggested is a later variant that is more aerodynamic, faster, and uses better defensive armament.

M-17-32 is not a M-34RN (P for China)


some photos
TB-3, 10th Flight Squadron, Yanan Airport, 29/11/1937

ROCAF TB-3( ROCAF mark under the wings)

ROCAF TB-3( ROCAF mark on the tail)

TB-3, 19th Flight Squadron, Lanzhou, 1939


i’ll be honest, if its different enough to not be considered copy paste then hell yeah +1

it is not copy, it is a TB-3 late, different machine gun with Soviet tech tree’s TB-3M-17-32 in the game, TB-3M in the game were DA machine gun, Chinese TB-3 late were ShKAS machine gun. and different the armament in bomb number. TB-3 were equip ROCAF and Soviet Air Force only. just two countries were equip this type of aircraft.


not really, it’s like the lavochkin 11 where the soviet equivalent is unobtainable.

Massively different as that has 4 propeller engines, clearly all former positions where machine gunners were are now enclosed in a turret with the pilots/cockpit being inside of the fuselage. Interesting.

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