Hawker Fury MK.1

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Hawker Fury Mk.1




The Hawker Fury, originally named Hornet, was a development of the Hawker F.20/27 prototype fighter, which saw the radial engine replaced with the Rolls-Royce F.XI V-12 engine. Its maiden flight took place at Brooklands, Surrey, in March 1929. Initially, it was equipped with a 420 hp Rolls-Royce F.XIC engine, but it was later upgraded to a 480 hp Kestrel IS. The prototype was chosen over the Fairey Firefly II due to its superior handling and all-metal construction. In 1930, the Air Ministry acquired the Fury and placed an order for 21 Hawker Fury aircraft. The Fury I completed its first flight on 25 March 1931. It was the first operational RAF fighter aircraft to surpass 200 mph in level flight and boasted a climb rate of nearly 2,400 ft/min.

In the early 1930s, the Air Force frequently dispatched individuals overseas to scout for newer and improved aircraft models. During that period, the Hawker Aircraft Company’s representative in Hong Kong took advantage of the opportunity to engage with the government, as they had shown interest in the aircraft. According to reports from the British Representative Office, only a single aircraft was eventually procured, with no service records available. Furthermore, Chen Yingming, a contributor to the Encyclopedia of Chinese Aircraft, personally witnessed the aircraft at an air defense exhibition in Guangzhou in 1934. The aircraft was showcased with a white body and red wings and pillars. Chen Yingming recalled, “I was quite young at the time and hadn’t seen many real airplanes. The artwork on the aircraft was stunning, leaving a lasting impression that remains vivid in my memory.”

Technical Data


Crew - 1

Length - 8.2 m

Height - 3.17 m

Wingspan - 9.14 m

Empty Weight - 1,240 kg

Gross Weight - 1,637 kg

Powerplant - 1 x AS Panther IIIA Radial Engine (370 kW)

Max Speed - 325 km/h (333 km/h?)

Service Ceiling - 8,534 m

Range - 490 km


2 x 7.7mm Vickers Mk. IV Machine Guns (600 rpg)


(Chinese Officials Checking the Hawker Fury Mk.1 out)



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