Zhong 28A Trainer

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Zhong 28A Trainer




During the Sino-Japanese war, China managed to construct 120 replicas of the I-16, a Soviet plane, despite the Soviets’ reluctance to share their expertise. One of these replicas was the Zhong 28Jia, also known as Royalty 28A, which was based on the I-16UTI-1. The construction of the Zhong 28A took place in the 2nd aircraft factory, situated within a vast natural cave. This factory was specifically assigned the task of building a new aircraft using the remains of a Soviet I-16. In 1939, the Zhong 28Jia underwent its initial trial, featuring a new Wright “whirlwind” engine with 715 horsepower, a variable pitch propeller, and either 12.7 mm caliber machine guns made in the US or Danish 20 mm caliber guns. By 1943, a total of 30 Zhong 28Jia planes had been manufactured. The international and domestic scenario underwent a significant transformation before its deployment. Successive arrivals of new aircraft, supported by the United States, rendered the existing ones obsolete. In 1944, the Aeronautical Commission assigned a group of these aircraft to universities for instructional objectives. It is conjectured that any remaining aircraft were either demolished in training mishaps or rendered inoperable due to a scarcity of spare parts.

Not much more is known about the Zhong 28Jia in Service that i could find. (Please comment with any additional information)

Technical Data


Length - 5.9 m

Height - N/A

Wingspan - 9 m

Crew - 2 pilots

Service Ceiling - 6,950 m

Max Speed - 450 km/h

Engine - 1 x Wright R-1820 (526 kW)


2 x 12.7mm M2 machine guns.

1 x 20mm Madsen cannon + 1 x 12.7mm M2 machine gun.

2 x 20mm Madsen cannons.





Above image is debated on whether or not its a Zhong 28A, could be an I-16 UTI-4



Made with aid from I_Am_Bob224, old forums post.

忠28甲 (archive.org)

(Book) Encyclopedia of Chinese Aircraft, Vol 1. - Page 282

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Very cool! Would the different armaments be selectable as modifications or implemented as separate aircraft? Either way, +1

Personally i would like it being a modification, similarly to what we see on some Japanese Aircraft.


I agree, particularly with replacing one Browning with a Madsen. The twin 20mm version could be separate.

True, it could also be a loadout, such as on the G.91

Zhong 28 research materials. Talks about how they test the fuselage and wings.

P. 3-7