Chengdu J-7G, The Last Fishcan

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Chengdu J-7G, The Last Fishcan




In 2002, a flight test was conducted for an enhanced version of the J-7E. This upgraded model, known as the J 7G, showcased several notable improvements. One of the key enhancements was the inclusion of the KLJ-6E pulse-Doppler radar, which was a Chinese replication of the Italian Pointer 2500 radar (originally derived from the Israeli Elta Electronics EUM-2001 radar). Additionally, a helmet-mounted sight (HMS) of Russian design was integrated into the J-7G, enabling it to carry PL-8 AAMs. Visually, the J-7G differed from its predecessor solely by featuring a wraparound windshield. Production commenced in 2002, and the J-7G was officially adopted by the PLAAF in 2003.

The Aircraft has since been serving in multiple units, such as the 36th until 2012, the 44th until 2010. In 2012 48 J7E were updated to J7G standards, and was given the designation J-7L, whom served in the 2st, 7th, and the 4nd, which replaced the J-7L with J-16 in 2016.

In 2021, only 2 units still flying the J-7G are known, the 44th and the 52nd, and is said to have phased them out by the end of 2023 with more capable jets, leaving the only J-7s in service the being trainer aircraft. (JJ-7 and JL-9)

The J-7G has been exported to multiple different nations, with some minor changes, such as Tanzania, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and a few others.

Technical Data


Crew - 1

Length - 13.945 m (excluding pitot)

Height - 4.1 m

Wingspan - 8.32 m

Empty Weight - 5,292 kg

Gross Weight - 7,700 kg

Max Takeoff Weight - 9,100 kg

Powerplant - 1 x WP-13F Turbojet Engine (44.1 kN dry, 65.17 kN wet)

Max Speed - 2,200 km/h (Mach 2.0)

Rate of Climb - 165 m/s

Range - 1900 km

Service Ceiling - 18,800 m


1 x 30-1 30mm Gun (60rpg) (Some Examples Feature 2 x 30mm Guns, most likely replacing the onboard all weather avionics.)

4 x PL-5C/E/EII

4 x PL-9C

4 x PL-8A/B

4 x PL-2B

4 x Type 250-3 Bombs

4 x Type 500-3 Bombs

4 x HF-7D Rocket Pods

4 x HF-16 Rocket Pods

3 x 420 Litre Drop Tanks


KLJ-6E/SY-80 Radar (Rumored that later equipped with KLJ-6F)

BM/KJ-8602 2nd Gen RWR

Ballistic Computer

Helmet Mounted Display

2nd Gen Countermeasures (Flares / Chaff)

BM/KG-8605 ECM









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i’ve been waiting so long for someone to post a suggestion for this +1
i remember seeing somewhere (can’t remember where, sorry) saying that it has 2 Type 30-1 cannons instead of one and also could carry Magic R550 or AIM-9P misiles

Yes, although it trades its all weather capability.

Those are the Export Variants.

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and that how would affect gameplay? if it affects at all

maybe some day we could see it on other tech trees in game, who knows (it’s not like the nations it’s been exported are in game or are relevant in any way)

It probably wouldn’t.

then add the 2 cannon one, the J-7E doesnt suffer with one cannon but still, it would be cool

I think J-7G in PLAAF service only has one gun as it is based on J-7E design. I would like to know if there is a credible source that says it has 2 guns.

This Photo shows the Aircraft with 2 × 30-1 guns, while normally there is one gun on the left side of the aircraft (from photo perspective)


This Fighter could be very good addition next patch +1

Unfortunately, it’s not J-7G, it’s J-7H, a J-7B that can carry PL8.

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Only F-7 PG had 2 cannons

Its not J-7G. J-7Gs have the new canopy but this one has the old one.

You can checkout my suggestion for some extra info.


Change this picture since its not J-7G.

Went and rechecked my book i used as a resource, yeah there’s some that can mount 2 × 30mms so I’ll be changing that

I’ll update the picture when i get onto my PC, so here in a little bit


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This probably a prototype

still possible nonetheless, so ill be leaving it.

You can make a separate suggestion for this prototype if you want.

+1 as tech tree plane