Shenyang J-6I

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Shenyang J-6I




The J-6I designation was initially thought to be a parallel designation of the J-6A, but it has been confirmed as inaccurate. The actual J-6I was created in an effort to enhance the performance of the standard J-6 model. The fuselage in front of the cockpit was redesigned to be slightly wider, resembling the MiG-19P/PM, and a fixed shock cone was added to the intake splitter plate, similar to the tracking antenna radome on the MiG-19P/PM. This adjustment was purely for aerodynamic purposes and did not house any radar equipment. The aircraft was equipped with a Type 30-1 cannon in the nose (later upgraded to 2 Type 23-1 Cannons mounted on the wings).

It appears that the modified intake did not function as intended, leading to the aircraft serving as a transitional phase in the development of the J-6II. The original J-6I prototype (its serial number now erased) is on display at the PLAAF Museum in Datangshan. Initially stored with a damaged lower intake lip and a short shock cone (likely replaced hastily and not authentic after a collision with a vehicle), it was later restored as β€˜2996 Red’ with an extended and more pointed shock cone.

Technical Data


Crew - 1

Length - 13.025 m

Height - 3.385 m

Wingspan - 9 m

Empty Weight - 5,661 kg

Gross Weight - 7,853 kg

Max Takeoff Weight - 9,332 kg

Powerplant - 2 x WP-6A Turbojet Engines (25.5 kN dry, 31.9 kN wet) (One source states 29.4 kN dry, 36.8 kN wet)

Max Speed - 1,434 km/h at 10,000 m (One sources states 1,568 km/h)

Service Ceiling - 17,300 m

Rate of Climb - 176 m/s at 5000 m

Range with Auxiliary Fuel Tanks - 1,647 km


1 x 30-1 30mm Cannon (Nose Mounted) (Early)

1 x 30-1 30mm Cannon (Nose Mounted) + 2 x 23-1 23mm Cannons (Wing Mounted) (Late)







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(Book) Chinese Aircraft China’s Aviation Industry Since 1951. - Page 38 - 39



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+1 to complete the whole J-6 family
Will you submit suggestion for J-6II, J-6(C) and Dong Feng 102?

Currently i plan too do J-6II and J-6Bing, but nothing really stands out about DF102.

Personally I think DF102 might become an interesting event / premium aircraft with lower BR than the standard J-6(C). It can come with some visual differences from J-6 and worse flight performance.

I’ll look more into it

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