Dewoitine D.27

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Dewoitine D.27




The D 27 featured the 500hp Hispano-Suiza 12Mb (HS 57) 12-cylinder Vee engine and was armed with two synchronised 7.7mm guns. Following the liquidation of Construction Aeronautique E Dewoitine in January 1927, the development of the D 27 was transferred to EKW in Switzerland. A prototype took flight on 3 June 1928. By the end of the year, Romania had ordered three, Argentina one, and Yugoslavia three. The prototype was being evaluated by the Swiss Fliegertruppe in competition with Alfred Comte’s AC-1. In the autumn of 1928, EKW began a pre-series of 12 D 27 fighters, featuring a redesigned tail and a revised wing with 0.45m2 less area, changes that were initially tested in the Laboratoire Eiffel wind tunnel. Meanwhile, in March 1928, Emile Dewoitine reestablished himself in France, founding Societe Aeronautique Francaise-Avions Dewoitine. The second and third pre-series D 27s were delivered to France in April 1929. The former was re-engined with the 400hp HS 12Jb as the D 272 for aerobatic demonstrations, while the latter underwent STAe evaluation at Villacoublay from 28 May, equipped with two 7.7mm Darne guns.

The Swiss Air Force chose this aircraft and it was manufactured at the EKW factory. Additionally, the French Air Force selected 8 D.27s as demonstration aircraft for the future development of the D.53. The Romanian Air Force purchased three D.27s, but they were dissatisfied with the trial and quickly removed the aircraft from service. EKW produced a total of 45 aircraft for the Swiss Air Force, which were used until 1944 before being gradually phased out. In 1931, the Northeast Air Force acquired 8 D.27s from France through an intermediary. although the aircraft were shipped to China, what happened to them afterwards remains unknown.

Technical Data


Crew - 1

Length - 6.5 m

Height - 2.79 m

Wingspan - 9.8 m

Empty Weight - 1,038 kg

Gross Weight - 1,382 kg

Max Takeoff Weight - 1,414 kg

Powerplant - 1 x Hispano-Suiza 12Mc Piston Engine (373 kW)

Max Speed - 312 km/h

Range - 600 km

Service Ceiling - 9,200 m

Rate of Climb - 10 m/s


2 x 7.5m Darne Machine Guns




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