Savoia-Marchetti S.M.79B

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Savoia-Marchetti S.M.79B




In 1934, Italian aircraft manufacturer Savoia-Marchetti developed the SM.79, a fast monoplane transport aircraft for air racing and military use. The prototype, registered I-MAGO, flew from Milan to Rome in just one hour and 10 minutes, earning its Certificate of Airworthiness in 1935. The Italian military approached Savoia-Marchetti to produce a bomber-conversion. In 1936, production began, with civilian variants like the SM.79C and SM.79T. The SM.79B, a two-engined model, featured a nose-mounted gun position and an elevated pilot position.

The aircraft was equipped with the less dependable Fiat A.80 engines and featured a transparent nose to enhance bomb-aiming capabilities. Despite being more cost-effective, it had a slower speed of 420 km/h and took 21.45 minutes to reach 5,000 m compared to the standard SM.79. Weighing between 6,600–10,100 kg, it was approximately 500 kg lighter than the original SM.79, had a longer length of 16.22 m, and carried the same armament. Unfortunately, this variant did not achieve significant success in Italy.

A grand total of 100 aircraft were manufactured and subsequently exported to Brazil, Iraq, Romania, China, and various other nations.

In the beginning of 1937, China acquired multiple S.M.79B’s. Initially assigned to the 9th Group for bombing missions, the aircraft’s inadequate performance resulted in most of them being repurposed as transport planes. One specific aircraft, as shown in the photo below, was converted into a passenger airliner.

The ultimate destiny of these aircraft remains uncertain, but it is assumed that they were either dismantled or destroyed during wartime, with the latter scenario being more probable.

Technical Data


Crew - 6

Length - 16.2 m

Height - 4.1 m

Wingspan - 21.20 m

Empty Weight - 7,185 kg

Max Takeoff Weight - 11,130 kg

Powerplant - 2 x Fiat A.80 R.C.41 Radial Engine (820 kW each)

Max Speed - 420 km/h

Service Ceiling - 7,730 m

Range - 2,000 km


1 x 12.7mm Breda-SAFAT Machine Gun in Ventral Turret

1 x 12.7mm Breda-SAFAT Machine Gun in Dorsal Turret

2 x 7.7mm Lewis Machine Guns in Beam Turrets

12 x GP 50 Bombs

12 x GP 100 Bombs

5 x GP 250 Bombs

2 x GP 500 Bombs

(most likely fit Japanese bombs as well)




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There was originally a photo of a SM.79B at the start, but it may be Iraqi so i left it out.

+1 I think it’s a good idea
Maybe even make it kinda unique by hiding Italian variant and introducing Romanian JRS79 instead.

Already present n the game (as far back as beta it seems!) in both Romanian (Italian) and German markings, although so rarely seen it may as well not be.

Maybe if the Romanian hadn’t been relugated to 3rd in line in a folder, whilst the German became a defunct limited gift plane people would remember they exist and they would actually see some flight time instead of languishing in obscurity - I admit I still haven’t unlocked my foldered SM79B despite having the other versions, maybe I should add it to the list just to complete the set.


Although its still Romanian Markings

I think he mightve meant in both trees

Yeah, first Italian planes used to be placed in the German TT and after standalone Italian TT arrived, these planes were hidden for those who didn’t start their research at the moment. Although only one plane had researchable German camo - C.202.

It is weird that they didn’t move all of them though

Probably because they hid S.M.79 bis/N and serie 4 earlier, I managed to get only serie 4 in the past. Would love to see these 2 in the Italian TT at some point, maybe even temporarily available for research.