Shenyang J-11B Block 02

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Shenyang J-11B

Block 02




The PLAAF initially had concerns about importing a large number of foreign frontline fighters due to the reliance on backup support for spare parts. However, when the Chengdu J-10 faced difficulties with its engine, it became clear that using the same engine for both types would be beneficial, but this increased reliance on the Russian AL-31 engines. To reduce dependence on Russia, the PLAAF planned to replace the AL-31F and most of the original avionics with modern components that would allow the use of Chinese missiles. The goal was to manufacture the aircraft with indigenous components, some of which were redesigned. The development of the Shenyang Liming WS-10A Taihang engine was a logical choice to increase commonality between China’s two premier fighters. A WS-10 prototype was successfully tested in 2002, replacing one of the AL-31Fs. The first flight with two WS-10 engines in a J-11 was achieved in 2003 or 2004. The J-11B prototype also flew for the first time in 2002, and the J-118’s flight testing was completed a year and a half later. Three J-11B prototypes were built, each with a slightly different configuration, and not all of them were powered by the WS-10A. The most significant changes included a new Chinese radar and an updated glass cockpit. In order to maintain the center of gravity, a unique counterweight had to be positioned in the front fuselage. The radar cross-section (RCS) was reduced to approximately 25% of the Su-27’s RCS by applying RAM coatings in different areas. Externally, the most noticeable change was the addition of a black radome and extended wing-tip pylons, which were necessary to accommodate the longer tail span of the PL-8 missiles.

The Chinese Government officially acknowledged the existence of the J-11B in May 2007, and the first batch of production aircraft became operational towards the end of 2007.

Due to issues with the engine’s quality and reliability, the first airplanes were quickly taken out of service. As a result, the subsequent batches were equipped with the original Russian AL-31F engine. However, by late 2009, the problems with the WS-10 engine were resolved, and all aircraft from the second production block onwards were fitted with the improved WS-10A engine.

Technical Data


Crew - 1

Length - 21.9 m

Wingspan - 14.7 m

Height - 5.92 m

Empty Weight - 16,380 kg

Gross Weight - 23,430 kg

Max Takeoff Weight - 30,450 kg

Powerplant - 2 x WS-10A Turbojet Engines (89.17 kN Dry, 132kN Wet)

Max Speed - Mach 1.13 (Sea Level)

Rate of Climb - 300 m/s

Range - 3,530 km

Service Ceiling - 19,000 m


1 x 30mm Type 30-IV Autocannon

6 (8?) x PL-12

6 x PL-8B

4 x Type 250-3/4 Bombs

4 x Type 500-3/4 Bombs

(?) J-11B Prototype had a Mount for dual PL-12 under Air Intakes.


KLJ-4 (Type 1474) Radar, Can Track 8 Targets and Engage 4 Simultaneously (Contrary to Common Belief it does not use 1493)


2nd Gen RWR


2nd Gen IRST (Linked to HMD)

Laser Rangefinder (Linked to HMD)










Red Dragon Flankers

PLA 4th-Generation Fighters — Sukhoi / Shenyang – China Defence Today


(Book) Chinas Navy Ships and Aircraft of the Peoples Republic of China, 1955-2021
(Book) Chinese Aircraft China’s Aviation Industry Since 1951


+1 Didn’t know this variant existed, but quite interesting!

I predict we will get this in one of next two updates as 13.3 (the +0.3 is China tax)
The 1474 radar should has quite similar in game performancee as the RDY radar.

+1 looking forward to a J-11 with deep Chinese modifications that greatly set it apart from the Su-27

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J-11A was kinda disappointing last update, was hoping for the J-11B


Why not J-15?

+1 very well written!

8pl12 & 4pl8,maybe it is not the right time yet

j-15 should be added with mig-29k and F/A-18e/f
j-11B should be added first and possibly folded with J-11A

Just dont want 3 J-11, with minor differences, each of whom need be to researched.

The process of progression through tech tree has already been shamelessly extended by Gaijin - dont wanna do it even worse.

J15 is developed from J11B,and it was called j11c

J11B is significantly stronger and more unique. could also help remove china’s half-true reputation of copy and paste.

J11A 真的一言难尽 幽默r77 bvvd速出J11B吧

looking forward this long time

This should replace J-11A in the game I think, and J-11A can be considered as a premium

In a folder with J-11A and very good fighter aircraft 13.7 BR

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