Report on how scores, SL, and RP rewards are calculated

A revised version of the report posted on the old forum is now available.
Reward details are now available on the game and most of the RP rewards have been clarified.

I have researched and compiled a report on how WT’s score, SL, and RP rewards are calculated.
In this report, you will find links to the base bombing report and the score and SL,RP calculators.
The report is based on the match results screen, scoreboard, and replays. I have not done any internal programming analysis of the game, which would violate the Terms of Service.
This analysis project has taken nearly three years from inception to this point.
During that time, there have been many system changes. Due to the huge amount of data, there may be mistakes. Please point out any mistakes.
The original report is written in Japanese. Please forgive us for the parts of the translation that are not good.

War Thunder Score, SL and RP reward calculation method revised edition


Love you! (But should you not have put some of that time in your academic career?)

I’ve read physics papers that are less complicated. lol

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you should have won the day. or month.