Best suggestions for China

just wanted to make a post about the best suggestions for China and the Vehicles i think should be added into Chinas Tree to make it better because im bored

LD-35 (amazing SPAA for Top Tier)

VN20 (or VN17, both nice ~10BR IFVs with ATGMs and 30mm Cannon)

PLZ45A4 (or PLZ-05 i think is also good for modern Howitzer for China)

VT5 (but i think they should add/use the ZTQ-15 instead which is the one China itself uses, would be a nice modern light Tank for i think ~10BR)

SH11 (wheeled 155mm SPG)

ST2 (looks like chinese TAM)

Some which i didn’t see but would be nice as well are :
AFT-10 (Anti Tank Missile Carrier)

ZTZ96B (further upgrade to the 96A, could be another 10BR or 10.3BR MBT, last few pics)

and idk if the ZTZ99A in the Game is the 99A(G) Variant but else that one could be added as another 11.7 MBT foldered with the 99A


There is no 99G MBT, both 99G and 99A2 are common Western false designations. The designation of the most advanced MBT in PLA service is just ZTZ99A. There are indeed some minor variations in appearance over the years but the official designation is still ZTZ99A.

Chinese vehicles look so ridiculously good, I hope we see all of these at some point!


Hide behind a hill and receive many dirty words in message after a game.


Only in appearance or do they also have some upgrades? I wouldn’t mind another 99A foldered in the Game even if just slightly different in appearances, some other MBTs look quite identical as well

i can see it making people mad but it would be an amazing Vehicle

As far as Taiwanese stuff to add to the list goes, off the top of my head, in order…

#1 M60A3 NCSIST 120mm

Basically the m60 SLEP.

#2 CM 37 YunPao

An 8x8 armored car with a manned 105mm turret.

#3 m24a1 Chaffee Upgrade

Faster Chaffee with night vision.

#4 Antelope SPAA

A MIM72 Chaparral on the back of a delivery van.

#5 CM12

A CM11 turret mounted on a greatly improved m48 chassis. Why is this not already in game?

#6 m41 Type 64

An m41 walkerdog with extra armor welded to the turret sides.

#7 m10 Wolverine 105mm

A standard American 105mm howitzer in place of the 75mm

#8 “ChiHa SPG”

A mysterious casemate spg mounting a 75mm Japanese mountain gun(?) in a tall tower

#9 Wan Cheng 4

That m24 turret mounted on an m113 thing

#10 Wan Cheng 2

Just an m48 made indigenously in Taiwan. Would make a good premium.


You got a photo of this? I remember reading about it a few years back but never saw a picture.

Nice didn’t know there was a night vision Chaffee.

Its just driver nvd tho unfortunately

It may be stuck in procurement hell i dont remember

Although the current task of Chinese ground trees should be to continue supplementing FIVs, there are still many MBTs that can be added, and the vast family has many different variants


Here is a list of my own making, with some more detailed markings.
There are still roughly ~40+ vehicles missing from this list but this is the largest possible photo that I am able to work with without employing professional image software.


Would be all nice to have in Chinas Tree but i think some should be prioritized like imo VN17 (or VN20), ZTQ-15, LD-35, PLZ52 (or 45A4 / 05), SH11, AFT10, FK2000, Type625E…adds some more variety and look nice.

For MBTs i think maybe ZTZ96B (or VT2B improved export version) would be good, VT4 just seems entirely identical to the VT4A1 but worse with no APS, and ZTZ98 would be nice as well. Aside from Type 90-II (idk if thats MBT2000) couldn’t really find much else

Bad news, currently all modern Chinese MBT models have serious problems.

The 96 series does not have a turret ring tilt. The gun shield was hollowed out.

The chassis area of the 99 series is incorrect, with the 99A being the most exaggerated. The chassis has been increased by 1/4, looking like a challenger.

The 99A gun shield was hollowed out and the width was incorrect.

The armor of VT4 is missing a portion, and all ERAs are stuck together

In this situation, I hold a pessimistic attitude towards any Chinese vehicles added by gaijin