VN-22 (GL-6 APS) -- The Hongqi of Wheeled IFV's

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Intro: Howdy yall! Today im making a suggestion for what would probably be a top tier wheeled IFV for China, and could help even further bolster the lineup. While there are several variants that have been built and some even sold to other nations for export, i am specifically focusing on the variant using a modified version of the VN-20 Heavy IFV’s remote weapon station, with the GL-6 APS built in.

History: In the early 2000’s, The PLA began looking for a new family of wheeled carries and NORINCO would begin work on what would become the Type 08. the platform entered service in 2008 and has seen many spinoff variants since, and remains in service as one of the most successful APC’s of the PLA to this day, with over 6’000 hulls being produced. While the Type 08 is still seen as a successful and competent platform, NORINCO was already looking at laying the foundations for a new family of wheeled armored vehicles in the 2010’s. In 2021 at the Zhuhai AirShow, NORINCO showed off the VN-22 as an export IFV. This new vehicle was entirely new, with a 6X6 wheeled chassis with Hydro-pneumatic suspension, and a unmanned turret featuring a 30mm autocannon, two Red Arrow 73D missiles in a deployable launcher, and the GL-6 Hard Kill APS system. There is also a noticeable improvement to the armor of the hull, making it a noticeable upgrade in protection compared to the older Type 08 Chassis. By 2024 several variants of the VN-22 have already been exported to nations like Cote D’Ivoire and Senegal, tho the specific variant revealed at the airshow has yet to be ordered. The vehicle still doesn’t serve with the PLA, although in the future it could possible be added.

Crew/Passengers: 3+8

Weight: 25 tones
Engine power: 800hp
6X6 wheels with Hydropneumatic suspension

Armor: Frontal protection against 25mm, Side protection against 14.5mm

30mm autocannon
2X Red Arrow 73D anti-tank missiles

In War Thunder: the VN-22 would serve as a great addition to Chinas light tank arsenal, and would be comparable to a vehicle like the Vilkas already in game. It would also stand out tho, with its adjustable suspension, and APS, making it a very versatile and surprisingly survivable platform at times. it would most likley sit around 10.7-11.0 BR



+1 but only on the condition that the GL-6 present on the VN-22 specifically is proven to be functional and not just mockups. Otherwise it should be purely cosmetic like the APS on the Rooikat MTTD.

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the ATGM they are not HJ73D, More likely to be an HJ16(QN502),HJ73 does not need to be encapsulated for launch.

Just need one more suggestion for 105mm gun turret version VN-22B

The ATGM of the VN22 is not the HJ73D, but the HJ16 that has a shoot-after-the-shoot

Pictures 1 and 2 are the HJ16 [QN502C] equipped by Dongfeng Mengshi, and picture 3 is the HJ16 [QN502C] equipped with the VN22
The foreign trade version of the HJ16 is the QN502C mounted on the QN506

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That’s an APS on the MTTD? Damn, sure wish we had it…

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This is super cool, and I’m all for it! +1

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Considering that we already have a working GL-6 APS on the VT-4 despite it only ever being shown at arms expos , it’s operational in game, so I suspect a similar treatment is possible. The radars themselves are modular and could obviously be plac d on the front and back plates of the turret

agree +1!!!

There are massive visual differences between the VT-4’s GL-6 and the VN-22’s that make it very clear that the VT-4’s are functional. It’s not just about the lack of radars. The launchers on the VN-22 just don’t look like they have any of the parts that actually allow them to function.

Yes, the GL-6 as a whole is functional.

No, it was never functionally mounted on the VN-22. (As far as I am aware.)

The latter is where my issue lies. That being said, I have no issue with the VN-22 being added with GL-6 but the likelihood of that happening is incredibly low since Gaijin refuses to add the Leopard 2 PSO’s advertised additional hull armor (that was never actually fitted). I see no reason why they’d roll over to add the VN-22’s advertised APS (that appears to never actually been fitted).

Chinese peacekeepers are also equipped with VN22s, and according to the pictures that have been circulated, they are equipped with APS

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“Massive” seems pretty dramatic considering that the GL-6 launchers we see shown on the VN-22 are simply just a lighter version already shown independently at an expo, with the radars that could be mounted on the turret. they are still very similar in nature to the VT-4 GL-6

I’ve seen no marketing at all to suggest that the GL-6 comes in separate sizes, which is common practice. If it was a smaller size, it would likely have a separate designation like “GL-6L” or something as is customary with Chinese export products.

I think “massive” is a very apt descriptor. The launchers shown in the first picture look like mockups to me.

Again, I really have no issue with the VN-22 being added with APS at the end of the day. I just don’t think the APS present on the VN-22 is functional.

its a brand new system still in testing, just because you cant find official info doesn’t make it the case. all we have are assumptions really

Sure. I just don’t find it logical to assume there are entire separate sizes of the GL-6 when it hasn’t been indicated.