Yitian II Air Defense System: Mobile Long Range Air Defense

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Here I am making a suggestion of the Yitian 2 air defense system for the China tech tree. Currently China lacks a domestic top tier SPAA vehicle. The Tor-1 is decent but has its own issues. Moreover China has the ability to fill its top tier with entirely domestic vehicles. The Yitian 2 is one of such vehicles. It features missiles with very impressive range (20km!). Also the chassis is very mobile since it is based on the VN-1 wheeled IFV. All in all, this will be a very potent anti-air solution for China.

The “Yitian” (“reaching the sky” in Chinese) series of vehicles are missile based air defense systems mounted on light wheeled chassis. The earliest member in this family is the original Yitian which features 8 x TY90 missiles on WZ551 chassis.

However in recent years the range of TY90 may be too short and the WZ551 is too mediocre even for third world country customers. NORINCO thus preserve the Yitian concept and created a more powerful platform with better missiles and chassis, the Yitian 2 (倚天II型防空导弹武器系统). It is also called Sky Dragon 20 (天龙20) and was first revealed at the Zhuhai Airshow 2022. It features a turret with a searching radar, a tracking radar and 8 brand new TY20 surface-to-air missiles. The turret is mounted on a wheeled VN-1 chassis that is based on ZBL08 used by PLA. The TY20 missiles can be combination of two sub variants: TY20R and TY20I. TY20R has an active radar seeker while TY20I has an IR seeker.

On another note, recently it was revealed that there is a latest Yitian member that was sold to an African country. It is called “Yitian-L” and has 4 TY90 missiles mounted on a Dongfeng Menshi. I may make a suggestion for this vehicle in the future.

Weight: ~23 tones
Power: Deutz BF6M1015C diesel 11.9 liter 440 hp (330 kW)
Max Speed: 100km/h
Radar: 1 search radar, 1 tracking radar
Armament: 8 x TY20 (TY20R or TY20I)




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of course +1, really need more SPAA

+1 great work!.




Is this some kind of unguided rocket pod?