Discussion on ZTZ99A model errors in game

(latest editing time: 2024/6/9)

Hello everyone, this is a theme about all the errors in ZTZ99A in the game.
This is a very long article. If you want to watch it, please be prepared

ZTZ99A join game has been two years, It should have been a very popular tank,but its performance has always been poor.
There has been no progress in the laser suppression system
The loading time is limited to 7.1 seconds.
Due to the neglect of materials science and special structures, the performance of DTC10 in the game is even inferior to that of 3BM60
(You can also see that M1A2 lacks its depleted uranium armor)
lower penetration also means less peeling,this problem has become more severe with the addition of anti stripping lining.
If you are a veteran with many vehicles, you may find that ZTZ99A’s performance in the game has fallen behind the M1A1AIM of 11.3

The sound of accelerating loading time and repairing the penetration of shells has been ongoing for two years, but Gaijin said it was a balancing mechanism and refused to make any changes.
In this situation, I can only seek other ways to request BUFF vehicles

so, I collected a large amount of image data and found that ZTZ99A has three serious errors that affect competitiveness, as well as some small errors
next, I will explain to you one by one.

Firstly, there is error in the 99A gun shield armor. We can see that there is an arc-shaped structure in the picture.
I drew it with lines to gain a more intuitive understanding of its structure.
Due to the unclear image, this structure may be controversial, but it can be confirmed that there is a piece of armor here.
However, this is not the most important part, let’s continue to look further

From these two images, it can be seen that the 99A gun shield is very close to the armor, with almost no gaps. But in the game, this place is completely hollowed out. The main culprit causing this misjudgment is the waterproof cloth, which covers a large part of the armor.

To verify this idea, we can refer to the position of the machine gun opening. From the image, it can be seen that the distance on both sides of the machine gun hole is symmetry. In the factory image, there is more extended armor on the right side of the machine gun opening.
The armor exposed under the waterproof cloth also proves this, and in another image, there are obvious wrinkles in this area.

As for why there appears to be obvious cuts under the armor after installing the waterproof cloth. The answer is that there is an inward folding angle here

So we can know that the gun racks in the game only contain the orange part. Nearly 1/3 of the armor was hollowed out

If we fix this place, it will look like it does in this image

now, maybe someone want say: What is the red part?
That’s the excess parts. The gun rack in the game has been widened, making it easier to be hit. Next, I will verify this

Still in this picture, we can see that the distance on both sides of the machine gun hole is symmetrical, but in the game, there is an additional area on the left side of the machine gun hole, marked in red here

on the right side of the turret, I too found some traces. in the image, there are some gaps between the gun rack and the ERA block, which are also marked in red

Marked in the game, it looks like this

On this basis, with the addition of missing parts, it becomes the following image

Another issue is the position of the gun shield.
From these pictures, it can be seen that the circular area of the gun shield protrudes from the armor. In the game, it is concave

The correct position looks like this: the annular area of the gun shield is slightly longer than the armor

That’s all for the first error part of 99A (gun mount and shield).
Next, let’s talk about the second question, which is simpler and more obvious.

In this image, there is a closed armor plate behind the rectangular opening at the top of the turret, but in the game, there is nothing here. The image of the turret suspended too shows the presence of a vertical armor block here

Let’s take a look at the later part. In the image, the two pieces of armor located at the top are clearly additional armor plates.
To verify my hypothesis, I found the answer from the welding marks on the back of the turret. The top is made of several tens of millimeters of steel plate and an additional layer of armor.

So the correct turret armor should look like this

Okay, these are the errors from the second part (turret rear armor)
Next, let’s take a look at the third part, the error in chassis height.

This is an image of the bottom of 99A, where you can clearly see the welding marks on the suspension device

If you draw lines to connect them, the suspension device looks like this.
Smear the top with blue to obtain the actual height of the chassis. The blue circle corresponds to the position of the center point of the wheel. This can prove that the chassis height of the 99A is much higher than the center point of the wheels

From these two images, it can also be seen that the chassis height is higher than the center of the wheels

But in the game, the chassis is far below the center of the wheels
This has led to a significant increase in the frontal projection area of the 99A, making it easier to be hit
and, the lower part of the vehicle body is a fatal weakness

To prove, this is not an issue with the overall height of the vehicle.
I embedded real images into game images. By comparing the distance between the Towing wheel and the Road wheel.
It can be concluded that:The chassis of the 99A in the game is larger than in reality

There is also stronger evidence: comparing the suspension structure of the 99A in the game with that in reality

I think the reason for such an error is due to the shovel blocking it.
The chassis in the game is as low as the height of the shovel. In reality, the chassis is higher than a shovel.
Another trouble caused by a confusing visual effect

Add some more pictures

Now, the error in chassis height has been verified
That’s all for the three serious mistakes of 99A.

Now there are only some appearance errors left.which are the lack of bending in the body and the high saturation of digital camouflage

These are the issues links. Currently, the issue of 99A chassis height error has received over 1000 clicks in 7 days,Maybe I should apply for a Guinness record for myself. but the developers have still not responded. So I hope to convey my suggestions to gaijin through the community. hope this works.

ZTZ99A Incorrect Gun Shield Protection Structure
ZTZ99A Incorrect Gun Shield Protection Structure // Gaijin.net // Issues

The chassis of the 99A in the game is larger than in reality
The chassis of the 99A in the game is larger than in reality // Gaijin.net // Issues

Missing armor at the rear of the 99A turret
Missing armor at the rear of the 99A turret // Gaijin.net // Issues

99A digital camouflage saturation too high
99A digital camouflage saturation too high // Gaijin.net // Issues

ZTZ99A Fuel tank appearance error
ZTZ99A Fuel tank appearance error // Gaijin.net // Issues

(If the administrator feels that there is something wrong with the format of this theme, please do not block it. It took me a long time to finish writing.)

I have recently noticed that when we request BUFF 99A, some people always say that 99A has excellent protection, so BUFF is not needed. I hope they take a look at this

Its armor is even worse than the M1 that many people complain about, and in any other place, it is worse than the M1. In addition to mobility, the performance of the 99A is not even as good as that of the M1A1AIM
I hope these issues can be fixed and the loading time of 99A can be accelerated. Reduce to at least 6.5 seconds. Gaijin himself has also said that filling time is a means of balance.
99A urgently needs BUFF now

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Very well done!
I think the VT-4A1 might be even more messed up and may be missing even more than the ZTZ-99A.


here before the “I agree” wall 🗣


I really like the details and efforts put into this report.


I really like the suggestions and the evidence collected in the article, and i feel that the improvement of these details can make the game more realistic and restorative. Good Work! That must be a lot of research!




that is one beautifully comprehensive report! Well done brother


It’s glad to do something for ZTZ-99A. Don’t ignore our issues, Gaijin. Don’t ignore our voices. Fix all the problems.


A very comprehensive analysis. Goodjob.


GAIJIN’s model is full of errors, these issues need to be fixed.


British players made gaijin fixed Challengers, now it’s time for 99A


I am wondering why the game officials don’t respond to so many questions.It’s unbelievable that administrators were blinded to such hot issues.Top Chinese vehicles are quite poor in superior rooms.please fix it




if its not russian, it isn’t going to be fixed.


I agree


As of recent its mainly U.S vehicles that only get fixes or artificial buffs like the recent TUSK change or the 5s reload buff the abrams got




Can Gaijin choose to ignore issue because of the small number of players?


Good job Miragetank! high level of research!


It’s ture that the ZTZ99A is made by void because of the confidentility of active equipment. However, this post shows us tons of accurate amount of unclassified materials (Documentary and TV programs of CCTV)to prove that there are a large number of obvious errors that can be seen just from the appearance of the vehicle. It’s such kind of negligence that must be fixed.