FK-2000 - The Chinese ground based Kashtan

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Hi guys. :)

Today i want to suggest the Ultimate Top Tier SPAA for China that is currently known to the public. The FK-2000 Anti Air system.


The vehicle was showcased during the Zhuhai Airshow 2021 by “China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation” at the Air Defence exhibition. The vehicle is a 8x8 truck simular to the Volat MZKT-692250. It uses an unmanned turret which is operated from the crew compartment.

The vehicle uses improved localized Chinese system that are simular to the Russian Pantsir-S anti air systems. Where instead of using the 30mm 2A38M cannons. It uses a Chinese copy of the AK-630 that is believed to be the H/PJ-13 30mm cannons. The ammo type used is optionally the same as the AK-630 which includes HE-T, HEI-T, HE-Frag, TP-T and APHE and other rounds identical to systems such as the Russian Kashtan CIWS. However according to some sources on the Internet. China also developed both APDS and APFSDS rounds to the H/PJ-13 Cannons. So this could in War Thunder terms make this vehicle a force to be reckoned with on the ground as well.
The anti air missiles are simular to the Russian Pantsir-S. They are located in 12 shorad missile tubes that can hit targets at a range of 1km to 25km range. And it is able to fire the missiles at a moving speed of 40kph.

The navigation system includes both a search radar at the top rear and a fire control radar at the bottom front. However an opto electronic infrared sight can be mounted on top of the turret to provide a backup means for conducting fire control if needed.

Currently China has yet to put the vehicle into mass production. Though after the reveal of the vehicle. The Chinese military has shown great interest in the design which has shown great results during testing. And in the end please the demands that China is demanding.





Gun. 2x 6x30mm rotary cannons with 8000/10000 rounds per min. 12 SHORAD Missiles.
Crew. Aprox 3. Driver, Gunner, Comander.
Speed. 40kph.
Engine. 500 HP.
Weight Aprox 30 tons.

In War Thunder

In War Thunder. I think this would be the perfect end of the line SPAA for top tier Chinese ground tree. because the Chinese tree lack a good counterpart to the US ADATS or the Soviet Tunguska. And bringing the FK-2000 to the game at 11.0 or higher. I think China would sit in a great spot along side a possible addition of the Type-99A MBT! :)







I hope you guys like my suggestion. It was a bit hard to find proper sources due to me being unable to read Chinese in any form. So if there are errors or additions that needs to be added to the suggestion. Please feel free to respond in the comments. Because i want to make the suggestion as accurate as possible. In any case see you in battle in War Thunder!

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“Old Suggestion”
FK-2000 - The Chinese ground based Kashtan. - China - War Thunder - Official Forum


A Chinese counter to the Pantsir? Sure!



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This thing sounds scary. +1 from me


+1 alongside the FK-3000, which has 6 SHORADs and 48 smaller missiles.



+1 I guess 11.7 minimum and could be rank 8

FK-2000 similar or equivalent Tor-M2

2x AK-630 and 12x 25km missiles, very well.


I have my doubts for the range of the missiles. They look way too small to be able to go that far out

This is only the theoretical maximum range, and I believe its maximum effective range in WT is approximately 15KM.


Ah okay that makes sense. Any idea of its maneuverability? Doesn’t look like the most maneuverable missile

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There is no exact number, considering the performance of other Chinese air defense missiles, I don’t think it will be too low, may be between 20-30G. And it is worth mentioning that the FK-2000 can fire cannon and missiles while at 40km/h.


Would be extremely cool, especially the AK630

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Is SHORAD the actual name of the missile?

FK-3000 and Pantsir-SM both have this ability to replace longer range missiles with many shorter range ones to counter swarms of drones.

Ofc no, the name of the missle is just the FK-2000.


Yeah, FK-3000 can carry 6x FK-3000 or 48x FK-3000/L in each side, u can even carry 96x FK-3000/L to counter the drones.
And FK-3000 system include a unmaned drone with 24x FK-3000/S, very cool.


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In the offical image, the positioning of FK-2000 is the same as that of HQ-17A, and the theoretical performance of HQ-17A is similar to that of Tor-M2. From this, we can roughly guess the performance of FK-2000.


+1 for top tier AA, but it looks like a flattened truck, kinda ugly tbh :p:



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+1. Absolutely needed ingame