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Pictured is a VN-17 in the proving grounds of Zhuhai Airshow 2022.

Meet VN-17 - a Chinese export IFV appeared since 2017. Based on VT-5’s chassis, it provides troops with firepower and protection parallel to western IFVs.

This particular variant is the 2018 modification which is still being used in 2022. While it is shares the same specs with the 2017 mod, it features an slightly updated design to its exterior.

VN-17 is an IFV adapted to the needs for countries to buy an economical yet advanced IFV for their own militaries. It features a 30mm main cannon (likely based from ZPT-99) that can fire various rounds such as HEF-I, AP, APDS and APFSDS. Besides the main cannon, it also carries two launchers for HJ-12 F&F ATGM that can effectively deal with armored threats.

On the exterior, China takes their lessons from both their domestic ZBD-04A and modern Western IFV designs. It features a modular armor suite that has the protection rating of STANAG 4569 Level 6 in standard configuration. Despite having the looks of an ERA brick, the bricks are actually made of NERA elements instead of explosives.

Mobility wise, it shares the same chassis with the VT-5 light tank, which is fairly mobile and featured a 1000HP engine. It is likely that the designers of VN-17 has swapped the fronts when developing this IFV, so what appears to be in the front is actually the rear of the VT-5. (Don’t worry, the engine is properly adjusted too, so you aren’t seeing another Archer!)

Look where the sprocket is! (In VT-5)

In the video below you can see the vehicle in action. It also shows the interior of the IFV, which you can clearly see the turret is unmanned.


Introduced in 2017, VN-17 is one of the most advanced IFVs ever created by the Chinese defense group Norinco. It features a lot of state-of-art elements unseen in many other designs, which includes a high horsepower engine and an unmanned turret. It is also one of the fewer IFVs that comes with a fire and forget missile as its anti tank armament, since most designs dated back in the 80s used to have wire-guided ATGMs instead.

In 2017, Norinco unveiled the first iteration of the vehicle, which features two large optics in the turret (gunner and commander sights) and two “naked” HJ-12 ATGM launchers.

In 2018, Norinco updated its design, which sees both ATGMs enclosed in a box-shaped launcher.

The final and current version was used since 2019, which features an updated design to its gunner’s primary sight, now painted in green instead of the usual desert khaki. A cylinder-shaped component was also added next to the driver’s seat.


Base Specs
Crew: 3 (all in hull) + 8 infantrymen
Mass: ~30t (With standard armor package, optical anti mine armor)
Length: ~7.5m
Width: ~3.2m
Height: ~2.5m

Main Armament: 30mm Autocannon
Ammunition: HEF-I, AP, APDS, APFSDS
Secondary Armament: 7.62mm coaxial MG
Auxiliary Armament: 2x HJ-12 ATGM
Smoke grenade launchers: 12

Engine: 883-1,000hp
Maximum speed: ~70km/h
Gears: 6 forward, 2 reverse


HJ-12 is one of the most advanced ATGMs ever employed by China, which is an adversary to Israeli Spike-MR and American Javelin systems. Originally designed to be carried by troops, it was adapted to be the prominent anti-tank armament of the VN-17.

You can see it in action in this video.

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I support any and all Chinese IFVs. +1


it would be a cool ttech tree vehicle. +1


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Give us IFVs! +1

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Would be a very cool IFV, which china currently lacks, and would also be a nice Puma equivalent. Would also be very excited too see the VN-20


China is lacking in IFVs, any if all are welcome


As I’ve said before we need more auto cannons/ifv Options in the tech tree, other than the QN506 (Marketplace|EventVehicle) we have nothing equivalent



Has anyone made a post about this thaings bigger brother, the VN-20???

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but only after ZBD-04, ZBD-08, VN-12 and ZTZ-59-HIFV are added


Fantastic, you should do a VN20 suggestion.

Thing is just massive lol.


The Chinese tech tree is in desperate need of high tier IFVs/light tanks. It’s honestly astonishing that the tree has existed for this many years now and still doesn’t even have a BMP-2/Bradley equivalent (QN506 does not count), let alone one of their actually modern IFVs with F&F missiles, composite armour, etc.
Big +1 from me for both this and pretty much every other Chinese light vehicle.


+8 from me

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Same size as the Namer IFV

Not much to offer over the predessor apart from extra armor and reduced mobility due to VT-4 chassis…

Also it’s pretty new design. I would wait until Zhuhai 2024 happens and when I take a look at it personally.


I just like the idea of Heavy Infantry Fighting Vehicles, especially like how Raiden brought up the Namer. Similar mission, not to mention the T-15 Armata. Anyways, looking forward to your venture 👍

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I have a suggestion pending on the VN-20, to help compliment and shove more Chinese IFV’s in Gajjins face. hope next update we get a new modern light vehicle for China.


For VN-20, you can have 2 separate suggestions for the 2 built variants:

  1. BMP-3 like manned turret (100mm + 30mm cannon) + dual machine guns at hull rear
  2. unmanned turret with 30mm cannon and ATGM, but no rear machine guns