Taiwanese Hunter Leopard 105mm Wheeled Tank (D2 Prototype)

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Following my suggestion of the CM-34 30mm 8x8 wheeled IFV, now suggesting the D2 prototype of the 105mm armed 8x8 wheeled tank that was officially displayed a few weeks ago, which is different from the old 2007 prototype.

Hunter Leopard 105mm Wheeled Tank (D2 Prototype)**

Taiwanese(Republic of China) wheeled tank armed with 105mm




The 105mm wheeled tank “Liebao”(Cheetah/Hunter Leopard) is a wheeled tank based on the CM-32 APC family under the 獵豹專案(Project Liebao). It is armed with the 105mm XT112 cannon manufactured by Taiwan’s Armaments Bureau, has a crew of four, including the commander, gunner, driver and loader. The chassis is an improved version compared to production CM-32/33/34s with better suspension, explosive protection, turning radius and horsepower. Protection wise, the baseline armor of the vehicle is constructed from high-hardness steel like the U.S. Stryker, with 12.7 AP-I resistance from the front and 7.62 resistance all around. In addition to this, the D2 prototype is also equipped with bolt-on armor which offers all-around protection against 12.7 mm armor-piercing ammunition, with the front being able to withstand 30mm armor-piercing ammunition.

As the tanks used by the Taiwanese Army are mainly M48/M60 chassis, they currently have difficulty catching up with mechanized infantry using CM-32/33/34 AFVs on quick response missions to counter PRC’s amphibious & airborne AFVs, light tanks, fortification and infantry. The 105mm wheeled tank was designed to fill this role by providing direct fire support alongside the mechanized infantry, which can be done with Taiwan’s road network throughout the island, the wheeled tank’s top speed of over 100km/h on road, and precise weaponry. The new prototype started development in 2019, testing in 2022, and displayed in 2024. The final improved prototype is aiming to finish testing by 2025, which production can then start.

In game the tank should function like all the other 105mm armed light tanks and can be a great addition to the 10.0 lineup.




1 x XT112 105mm rifled cannon

Originally the Taiwanese army wanted to use the M68A2 cannon, but due to failed procurement they improved the M68A1 to match the specs of A2 instead.

  • Rate of fire: Manual loaded, should be comparable to the CM11 (12 rounds per minute in game)
  • Traverse speed: ~12 secs for a 360 degree turn
  • Stabilization: Two-plane
  • Rounds carried: 33

1 x M2HB 12.7mm remote controlled weapon system

Locally produced RCWS which double functions as the commander sight

  • Rounds carried: 2000

1 x T-74V coaxial 7.62mm machine gun

T-74 is basically a locally produced FN MAG with similar stats

  • Rounds carried: 4000




Outside from the original shells used on the M68A1, three new shells was developed for the XT112 cannon, from left to right they are the XTC112 tungsten alloy APFSDS-T, steel core APFSDS-T for practicing, and canister round.

  • M456A2 HEAT-FS (480pen in game)
  • M393A2 HESH (127pen in game)
  • M416 Smoke
  • DM63 APFSDS-T (430pen in game)
  • XTC112 APFSDS-T (>500pen @ 2000m)
  • XTC112 canister HE



  • Maximum speed: Over 100 km/h
  • Full speed to stop distance : ~26m
  • Power plant: 600 hp diesel engine, most likely to be a Caterpillar one
  • HP/Ton ratio: 20 HP/Ton
  • Neutral Steering: No
  • Turn Radius: 9m, with front 4 and back 2 wheels able to turn



Basic armor is similar to old CM-32 chassis, being able to withstand 7.62mm AP all around, with the front being able to withstand 12.7mm AP.

The D2 prototype is equipped with bolt-on armor which offers all-around protection against 12.7 mm AP, with the front being able to withstand 30mm AP, likely aiming to stop PRC’s ZPT-99/ZPL-02 cannons used on AFVs.

Laser warning receivers can also be seen on the D2 prototype as well, combined with the smoke launchers located at the back of the turret should provide the wheeled tank better survivability on the battlefield.

Specification and Equipments

  • Time of design: 2022
  • Crew: 4 (commander, gunner, driver, loader)
  • Length: 7 m
  • Width: 2.7 m
  • Height: 3.3 m
  • Weight: 29.9 tons
  • Commander RCWS double functioning as CITV
  • Hunter-Killer capabilities
  • Laser Warning Receiver
  • Laser rangefinder
  • Two-plane stabilizer
  • Gunner thermals (said to be able to clearly identify targets at 2km)
  • Commander take over gun control
  • 2 x 6 Smoke Grenade Launchers
  • Driver thermals and 360° cameras
  • Camouflage should be similar to CM-32/33/34

Final Note
With my CM-34 IFV suggestion being passed for consideration back then I always wanted to propose the 105mm MGS variant once it’s done testing. While the actual production variant of the tank seems to still be at least a year away, with War Thunder releasing more and more prototypes into the game, I figured there’s no harm in suggesting the displayed D2 prototype first. I’ll update the article once more info of the tank releases to the public.

P.S. I’m struggling to decide what English name to give this tank as 獵豹 is “cheetah”, but I do believe the name means more “leopard specialized in hunting” due to it being the mobile gun variant of the 雲豹 (Clouded Leopard) chassis, similar to naming of the “Jadpanther” tank destroyer.



Taiwan unveils a new 105mm 8x8 tank destroyer based on the future Clouded Leopard II vehicle
圖解軍武》能衝、能轟的MIT猛獸 雲豹105公厘輪型戰車亮相 - 自由軍武頻道
105公厘輪型戰車首次公開亮相 可抗30公厘穿甲彈 - 自由軍武頻道
「獵豹」輪型戰車亮相 火力不下現役主力戰車 | 軍事 | 要聞 | 聯合新聞網
影/105公厘輪型戰車亮相 展示優異速度優勢 | 軍事 | 要聞 | 聯合新聞網
雲豹裝甲車族 - 维基百科,自由的百科全书
https://www.youtube.com/live/hTOdEG3Wrw4 (Full showcase live)


Big head lookin’ ahh… +1

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+1 with DM63 as a tier 1 modification, and XTC112 as its best ammunition. I’m really looking forward to seeing the production version of this, but I’d settle for this in the meanwhile in War Thunder.

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Well it has the high ground, that’s for sure… +1

This has to be the tallest 8-wheel 105mm gun carrier I’ve ever seen. +1

The size of the turret makes the 105mm look tiny by comparison.



I think it would be great 9.7 vehicle, would be balanced. +1 from me!!

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