ZBD04A AFT-10 Multi Purpose Anti Tank Missile System

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Hello again! Im about to suggest an anti tank vehicle for the chinese tech tree, the ZBD04A AFT-10 Multi Purpose Anti Tank Missile System!

^ ZBD04A Variant!



The AFT-10 is a multi-purpose anti-tank missile system developed by China. It’s designed to engage not only armored vehicles however also other important targets like fortifications and engineering structures. It can also however engage flying targets too, like helicopters or other slow air targets and surface targets like ships, it can do all of this under any weather condition. The HJ-10 anti-tank guided missile was adopted by the People’s Liberation Army of China in 2012. The AFT-10 system was mounted on the ZBD04A infantry fighting vehicle chassis and the VN-1 (export ZBL09) chassis. The system was designed by the China Aerospace Science & Industry Corporation Limited (short for CASIC). The guidance system is a combined system that includes a television/thermal imaging homing head, an inertial system, and a two-way fiber optic data transmission channel. The missile has a length of 1850 mm, hull diameter 165 mm, launch weight 43 kg. Maximum flight range is up to 10 km. Its speed is around 150m/s.




The HJ-10 was used since 2012 by the PLA, however the carriers history is quite different is quite different. During its development phase, the ZBD-04A AT remained shrouded in mystery. However, it made its first public appearance during the Peace Mission 2014 joint military exercise, where it launched several HJ-10 missiles. Despite a lot of mixing up, the missiles it shoots are called HJ-10, not AFT-10, AFT-10 is the launcher system! Its also capable of carrying 10 smoke grenade launchers.


During 2018 the 6th International Exhibition of Arms IQDEX 2018, the launcher was this time found on a different chassis, the VN-1 chassis (export ZBL09), which was capable of firing the B variant of the HJ-10, difference between the A and B variant is that the B variant has a more better IR seeker. It features around 12 smoke grenade launchers.




8 HJ-10 Missiles

Range: Up to 10km

Weight: 43kg

Length: 1,85m

Diameter: 165mm

Penetration: 1200-1400mm of penetration RHA after ERA (Tandem), however most sources say 1400mm

Speed: 150m/s

Tracking: Television/Thermal imaging (IIR), inertial system and a two-way fiber optic data transmission channel

G-Overload: Around 15G thanks to its massive fins






This ZBD-04A variant still keeps the same engine and capabilities like being amphibious, although becoming more lighter, with a weight of 20 tons! Other than that, it has the length of 7,15 meters, a width of 2,74 meters and a height of 2,4 meters. Because its based on the ZBD-04A chassis, its also quite speedy, reaching a max speed of 65km/h while having a 600hp engine.



Positioned between the two rows of HJ-10s, there exists a retractable sensor pod mounted on the mast. This pod houses an optronics package that includes TV and infrared sensors capable of detecting targets under nearly all weather conditions. Additionally, it carries a laser missile guidance package.




AFT-10 (HJ-10) multi-purpose anti-tank missile system | Missilery.info


我军红箭10抛弃光纤改用无线电数据链 为何不怕干扰|红箭|反坦克导弹|导弹_新浪军事_新浪网



Once again thanks a lot for reading! If you find any extra info about this vehicle, feel free to put it in the replies!


unless i missunderstood something, is this some sort of chinese ADATS? +1

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Absolutely 100%!


It’s pen should be higher, more than 1800mm. RHA plate is fully penetrated, and as long as a adult man.

2 operate stations, both able to control 1 missile.


You did. It’s a unique man-in-the-loop heavy TV/IR anti-tank missile system. uses fibre-optical to transport image data, meaning it’s unable to jamming.
and ADATAS is a high speed AA missile with AT ability, uses laser riding to guide.


average or maximum?

anyway +1, i want to see more high level missile launcher except for russian


Average I think. Some source say it will reach 220m/s when swooping to target
man-in-the-loop is part of it’s most important way of fighting, thus it’s speed shouldn’t be too high, or the operater may miss the target.
but consider that man-in-the-loop can’t be in the game, just give it F&F and 220m/s speed is reasonable.

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super cool vehicle, +1 from me!

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it goes 220m/s when diving, yes

no, its like the chinese overwatch brimstone carrier from britain :)

+1!! Absolutely think these ATGM systems from all countries that had them should eventually come to the game. British Overwatch, Israeli Pereh or Plasan Sandcat, hell, even the North Korean M2018 NLOS carrier (the missiles for which were likely inspired by the AFT-10, or they received direct help from China in constructing them)

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I remember Gaijin tested it in the 2077 April fools event and we already have UCAVs in game

and the conclusion is not to add it. QN502, spike both have man-in-the-loop ability, but in game they are removed, simply made as F&F missile.
that time man-in-the-loop code leaked to Pvrbv 551(I think it’s on purpose, as a test in normal game environment), and caused great chaos in normal game.



Would have to be at least 11.7. The ability to fire large F&F ATGMs from behind the safety of a hill using the extendable optics would be pretty OP.

i think 10.x is fine, just check the Khrizantema-S, it has millimeter-wave radar and laser beam riding guidance, just lock the enemy then press the mouse, the radar will guide missile itself, i think AFT10 wont have much different between it

The HJ-10 is a much bigger missile and would have no reload in between shots. If all you have to do is lock and fire, it would be able to kill multiple tanks in quick succession from the safety of hard cover.

I am afraid the length and width of maps in this game are even smaller than this thing‘s minimum range…
-1 for me. Not to be considered yet.