SH11 - For The Rich Boys

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TL;DR: An 8x8 wheeled 155mm SPG.



Getting towed howitzers from point A to point B in a timely manner has always been an issue when it comes to large militaries. One of the most well known ways of transporting these weapons was through their mounting on various self-propelled chassis, turning them into self-propelled howitzers, or SPHs. The most well known form of SPH are tracked SPHs. This type of SPH provides a robust and fairly mobile platform to transport their weapons. Modern tracked SPHs usually incorporate a 360 degree rotating turret, direct fire capabilities, and decently reliable protection for their crews. As a result, however, they are usually quite expensive to build or purchase, making them unattractive for both less-funded militaries and well-funded militaries looking to motorize large quantities of howitzers. One of the solutions to this issue was simply mounting howitzers on cheaper to produce chassis. These chassis were usually wheeled and incredibly lightly armored but also more mobile on solid ground than tracked chassis. The late 1990s to early 2000s saw a global shift in the motorization of howitzers, with more and more militaries increasing funding on wheeled SPHs that were cheaper and easier to produce in larger numbers. China, noticing the shift, also began work on their own wheeled SPHs, with NORINCO producing vehicles like the SH1 and SH2 for the growing market. The SH1 was a conventional 155mm armed truck-based SPG, which required the gun to be deployed before it could actually fire. While this was perfectly acceptable for long range fire from a protected position, if the need arose to fire from a less advantageous position or if “shoot and scoot” tactics were to be employed, the SH1 would not be the vehicle for the job. In 2018, NORINCO unveiled the SH11, which aimed to address this very specific need. The SH11 is based on the 8x8 VN1 chassis, an export version of the ZBL08, which is already popular and in service with many countries. The hull would be slightly redesigned and the rear waterjets were replaced with stabilizers. The vehicle would receive a newly designed turret capable of a full 360 degree rotation and fitted with a modified AH-4 light field howitzer capable of firing the whole range of NATO standard 155mm ammunition. The howitzer is fed by a fully automatic loading system with an estimated maximum fire rate of at least 5 rounds per minute. As so yet, the SH11 has received zero orders.

Place In War Thunder:

In the real world, there are very few wheeled SPGs in the world that can be used in direct-fire roles. This is reflected in War Thunder with the only example being the G6 Rhino. This makes this vehicle class very unique in terms of both availability and playstyle. The SH11 could provide the Chinese ground tree with a G6 Rhino pseudo-equivalent, the major differences between the two being maneuverability and reaction capabilities. The SH11 is significantly more modern than the G6 Rhino and thus has more modern features. It’s faster and, most importantly, has a fully rotating turret. Playstyle would be very simple. Spawn in, dash to a spot of your choosing and pop anyone unfortunate enough to cross your path, however, keep in mind that your reload may be as long as 12 seconds. While the SH11 was designed primarily for export, it provides a unique playstyle that shouldn’t be locked behind a paywall. It would help flesh out the higher echelons of the Chinese tank destroyer line or supplement an entirely new wheeled line.


Armament: 155mm AH-4 howitzer and 1x 12.7mm HMG

Dimensions: 8.00m, 3.00m, 3.50m (L,W,H)

Weight: 36000kg

Armor: Proof against small arms fire and artillery splinters

Crew: 3

Ammunition: All NATO standard 155mm ammunition

Speed: 90kph

Horsepower: 440hp


Hull Without Turret:


Turret Without Hull:


Being Assembled:


3/4th View:


Commander’s Optic:



India Vs China military Balance- Large Calibre artillery – Part-1 Chinese Howitzers - Full Afterburner




Massive support and +1 for me! It is gonna be such fun playing, and the geame doesnt have any wheeled Howitzers/Donkers yet (If I have not mistaken). Gonna be such a BLAST!

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Would be good premium i think, something about it make it fell “premiumy”

c’mon bro, such a fun vehicle should’nt be locked behind a pay wall.

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Agreed. That being said, there’s also a newer verison of it called the PLL155/52 that, as its name suggests, features a longer L/52 howitzer. Maybe you could have one in the tree and one as a premium.

Cool find. That deserves its own suggestion.

G6 exists

Yeah i know but the snail loves money

+1 in Tech Tree as China needs more Content and Vehicles like this are best because they are more unique

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