VN-20(Unmanned Turret) -- Its Bigger, Its Better

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Howdy yall! this is my second suggestion, and I was inspired by the suggestion for the very similar VN-17(VN-17 (Pre-production prototype) - The Modular Brawler) but was also supprised no one had made this vehicle a suggestion yet, as it is essentially a bigger better version of the previous IFV. I am specifically suggesting the version with the 30mm unmanned turret, vs the ZBD-04 style turret that has crew within it.

Introduction: the VN-20 is very comparable to the VN-17, and like its smaller brother, is based on an export tank made by NORINCO, in this case the VT-4 instead of the VT-5, giving it a much larger base chassis to work with. Just like the VN-17, the VN-20 flips the layout of the vehicle around, with the engine and transmission in the front, driver sitting on the front left, and gunner and Commander sitting about in the middle, a very familiar layout to IFV’s with unmanned turrets.

Firepower: The NV-20 with the unmanned turret has a 30mm autocannon that seems to be a newer more modern version, different from Russian based autocannons found on IFV’s already in service with the PLA. The entire weapon station is unmanned, but still offers some protection for the systems within.

Mobility: the Mobility for the VN-20 should feel very similar to the the VT-4, as it uses the same power pack, with the 1300 hp engine and same transmission, but slightly lighter at around 50 tones. The transmission is located at the very front, as proven by the sprocket wheel, with the engine behind it.

Protection: its hard to be 100% certain about the placement of armor on the VN-20, however between photo evidence, and advertisement claims, we can develop a good idea of the layout. The front hull seems to have a similar layout of ERA and armor to the VT-4, with thicker FY-4 at the very front, and lighter FY-2 ERA covering the top engine deck, and possibly the sides of the turret. We can also see a layer of thicker armor underneath and below the FY-4 ERA, which possibly holds a composite array borrowed from the VT-4 MBT. the Side skirts seem to be made up of composite screens running front to back, that have a claimed protection level of Lvl 6 STANAG 4569, which should protect it from 30mm AP shells(around 130mm KE). the turret also seems to offer a mix of ERA and possible NERA plates. A Laser warning system can be seen played around the vehicle hull to provide 360 coverage and awareness.

General Stats:
Weight: 50-55 tones
Engine: 1300hp
Transmission: 44mph forward, 10.6 in reverse
Armor: Mix of FY-4 and FY-2 ERA, and NERA offering Lvl 6 STANAG 4569 protection
Weapons: 30mm autocannon, 7.62mm Coax.
Crew: 3(Space for 6 in the back)

Sources: The VN20 Is The Largest Combat Vehicle In Asia | 21st Century Asian Arms Race
China launches its VN20 most protected and armed tracked armored IFV in its category


+1 from me




+1, I want some advanced IFVs, since everyone else seems to be getting them

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ofc +1, really need some high BR IFV or LT now


absolutely fantastic +1

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Personally, I like the 10030 ver, can be a better ZBD-04A. Unmanned turret have other choices like VN-17, but a 10030 with heavy armor and 2 big F&F missile, that’s unique and really fun.


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In my eyes the VN-20 with the unmanned turret represents the most survivable IFV china can receive. Giving it a modified version of the ZBD-04’s turret more or less tales this survivability away, as it can no longer poke its turret out without the risk of a crew nockout. The same issue can be found on the PUMA vs the KF-41.

Unlike the VN-17, the VN-20 also has much more armor to protect it, so all these factors combined is why I made this suggestion. I’m not against the version with a manned turret, but I would prefer the unmaned turret be its own separate version, or a modification


Looks like it even still has the butt guns! +1 for all Chinese IFVs, and especially cool ones like this!


lmao wonder how they works in game

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But it don’t have MBT level armor, right? Both VN-17 and 20 can defend 30mm gun, while APFSDS from big gun can pen. But the manned turret is kind of problem.
I’m quiet a fan of 10030 system, no offend about the unmanned ver.

Sure why not id love that massive thing +1


The VN-20 is based on the VT-4, while the VN-17 is based on the VT-5 chassis. So inherently it has more armor on the front and sides, on top of the additional armor given. If we look at the front plate, we can see that the Chinese covered it in FY-4 and FY-2, on top of armor behind it. It’s hard to say what the composition is exactly, but it should help at the very least reduce a lot of spalling if not even stop some shells. It would have even better armor than the PUMA, allowing it to be very survivable
In this picture you can see the version with the crewed turret, and it only has FY-2 ERA on the front, however if we look at the version with the unmanned turret…
We can see that most of the ERA on the UFP is FY-4 with a big possible composite chunk below it, and a decent amount of armor behind the ERA. So the 30mm turret version definitely has better armor


Huge monster, so cool, +1


Similar to any rear-mounted tank MGs, such as on the IS-7. Only firing if your pointer is in their firing arc.

Probably same as on LVT, but given over to the commander as remote weapons.
Edit: now that i think about it, the two machine guns in the rear would be operated by infantry, and would need two men in the back

like the hull gun of bmp-3

There are many Chinese vehicles utilizing that unmanned turret, and I hope they all get added.
The VN22 even has GL-6 installed.

This is a great suggestion and I hope wholeheartedly that it gets added. China STILL ONLY HAS a BMP-1 copy and a T-54 with a tech demonstrator turret as its IFVs. The very same nation that started focusing on light support vehicle production in the 90s and has literal dozens of domestic IFVs available.


  • VN17
  • VN12
  • VN1
  • VN8
  • VN11
  • VN20
  • VN22
  • ZBD04A
  • ZBD03
  • ZBD2000
  • Type 08

Must get added as soon as possible.


The VN-22 might be my next suggestion, as an IFV with an APS would be a welcome addition