Britain Air Tree - What's left to be added for all BRs

THIS IS A WIP LIST. If I have missed anything, then please do let me know and I’ll add it to this list

There has been a recent and ongoing notion that Britain can’t get any more aircraft, because it simply doesn’t have any left to be added. This is untrue for every single BR in game, even top tier.

For this list, I’m not going to list every single variant for every single aircraft, especially for those we already have, unless there is a notable exception. This list is mostly looking at new British Aircraft, Including notable export variants

There is still this list of aircraft that could very much be added, that includes variants:


List of Previously Suggested Ideas - British Aircraft (Please Check Before Creating A New Suggestion!) - Great Britain - War Thunder - Official Forum

List of Previously Suggested Ideas - Great Britain Aircraft

BR placement is based upon some assumptions and general guesses, many are likely to be wrong, but thats why i’ve done brackets not specifics

BR 2-3

BR 3-4

BR 4-5

BR 5-6

BR 7-8

  • P.1127/Kestrel
    Prototype harrier, very limited loadout and performance, but would have some use for CAS

  • Shackleton MR.3

BR 8-9

BR 9-10

BR 10-11

  • Avro Arrow

  • Blackburn Buccaneer S Mk2B
    A later variant of the Buccaneer we have, with more advanced weapons, both A2A and A2G and integrated CMs

  • BAC TSR2
    British counter-part to the F-111A

  • BAE Hawk 100

  • Sepecat Jaguar Gr3A
    A late Jaguar variant, with better engines, HMD and loadout options, with a naturally higher BR that would allow for Aim-9Ls

  • BAE Hawk 200
    Improved Hawk variant with both Aim-9 and Skyflash

BR 12-13

  • Harrier Gr9A
    Similar to the Gr7, but with a better engine, HMD, better targeting pod and access to advanced A2G weapons, such as Brimstone

  • Sea harrier FA2
    Aim-9M and AMRAAM armed Sea Harrier FRS1 with the powerful Blue Vixen Radar among other additions

  • Panavia Tornado Gr4
    A precision ground attack variant of the Tornado Gr1, with access to weapons such as Brimstone among other upgrades

BR 13+

  • Eurofighter Typhoon DA2
  • Eurofighter Typhoon F2

Naval Tree:


Britain Naval Tree - What’s left to be added for all BRs

Heli Tree:


Britain Heli Tree: What's left to be added at all BRs


For br 9-10

Supermarine type 545: Superswift

In addition the P.1121 “SuperHunter” there’s no post but I’m working on that.


I’ll add it for now, does look interesting


Its essentially just another cancelled early British supersonic.

Yeah, Britain has a lot of those, like the TSR2, would be deeply Fascinating to see aircraft that got cancelled added to the game,


Fairey Albacore and Fulmar, Bolton Paul Defiant, Blackburn Skua and Roc, Avro Manchester, those are just some i’d like to see off the top of my head


Another one would be the Hunter FGA.74BS

images (5) (2)

The UK never indigenously upgraded the Hunter but this one is Omani (or Singaporean) F.6 and is commonwealth and around the same spec as the swiss hunter F.58 with flares, 2 9P’s/J’s, however the missiles are on new additional pylons so it could carry the full ordinance of a Hunter F.6 in addition to this.

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Added, thank you

Thank you

P.1121 was only ever a mock-up. Looks pretty advanced for 1957 though.

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The full version of the image shows that it was being constructed based off the concept mockup but construction had indeed started. In front of the full-scale mockup in this picture is an early image of its construction.

images (5) (3)

As with another aircraft that I have mentioned prior (i forget which) its parts are preserved at RAF Cosford.

Nice list. The Nimrod MR.2 and MRA.4 (as well as a bunch of other Costal Command / Maritime Patrol aircraft) would be good additions.


Depending on how much into test/prototypes we’re going, but for the sake of an addition as a crafting vehicles maybe, BAe P.110.

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Unfortunately the P.110 would only ever be developed to the mock-up stage so it wouldn’t fit the criteria for additions, the data from P.110 was used in the design of the BAe EAP (which Gaijin has denied) and then went on to secede into the eventual Eurofighter Typhoon.

The exceptions needed to add these aircraft would need to be deep internal decisions and given that Gaijin denied the F-14K ,which was the most reasonable option based on the AJ, because the UK’s lack of a 4th generation fighter is apparently not equivalent to Japan’s lack of a 4th generation aircraft (despite EJ Kai actually being a higher br than anything the UK has but the Harrier). Its highly highly highly unlikely to the point i’d say impossible that Gaijin would make such an exception for the P.110 and not the EAP or F-14K.

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Good option would be an Omani Strikemaster, they were flown by RAF pilots in combat during the dhafur rebelion

Also what about the two other V bomber? The victor and valiant


Britain NEEDS better Rank VIII planes It is difficult to keep up with the other aircraft in this area, especially in terms of maneuverability

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Also What about the Hunter T.7 or T.8 or GA.11? The T.8 especially would be an improvement on the F.6, IIRC it could carry AIM-9s in either B,G and L variants
Hawker Hunter T.8: Hunter turns Teacher (ii)
Hawker Hunter T.7: Hunter turns Teacher (i)
Hawker Hunter GA.11: Hunter turns Teacher (iii)

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Hawk T1 above 10.0 would be kinda painful tbh, maybe it’s missiles should be held. Let the 100 take that spot.

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I’ll chip in the Shackleton MR.3. Dorsal turret was removed, but two Viper turbojets were installed behind the piston engines, one on each side. These are takeoff boosters, but this is War Thunder, so you’d basically have super WEP in exchange for ditching a turret.