BAC TSR.2 - Technical Data and discussion

The British Aircraft Corporation TSR.2 was one of Britain’s most promising, but also controversial aircraft projects. At the time of it’s development the TSR.2 promised to one of the most advanced aircraft ever built, and was to offer unrivalled flight performance. However technical problems and severe mis-management on the part of the UK Government would continually delay the project. The delays and cost overruns, along with a sizeable amount of politics, would eventually lead to the programme’s cancellation 1965, on the same day that the second prototype was due to fly.

@TerikG2014 Has written a detailed suggestion for the TSR.2 on the old forum. However as that has been passed to the developers so I thought I’d create a new thread to allow continued discussion of this awesome aircraft.


The TSR.2 has an internal bomb bay and four wing pylons (two under each wing). While the prototype never flew with weapons the weapons it was planned to use are documented, and in some cases were mocked up on the prototypes. The following stores (or a combination there of) could be carried:

  • 10 x 1000 lb bomb (six in the bomb bay + one on each wing pylon)
  • 4 x WE.177 nuclear bomb (two in bomb bay + one on each inner wing pylon)
  • 4 x Launcher No.7 36-shot 2" rocket launcher (one on each wing pylon)
  • 2 x AS.37 Martel anti-radiation missile (one on each inner wing pylon)
  • 2 x AJ 168 Martel TV guided missile (one on each inner wing pylon + datalink pod in bomb bay)
  • 2 x 108 shot 2.25" countermeasures pod (one on each outer wing pylon)

Flight performance

The TSR.2 offered extremely good flight performance. These are the figures given in BAC’s 1962 TSR2 Weapons system brochure:

  • Engines: 2 x Bristol-Siddeley Clymings 22R afterburning turbojet engines
    • Static thrust (dry): 19,600 lb each
    • Static thrust (wet): 30,610 lb each
  • Max design speed (i.e. rip speed in game): 800 kts at sea level (just over Mach 1.2) / Mach 2.25 at altitude (with a plan to increase that to Mach 2.5 later in development)
  • Rate of climb: In excess of 50,000 ft per minute at sea level
  • Maximum G Limits: +6.6 g / -3.3g

The brochure also states that the that never exceed speed is in place due to skin heating. A graph is included showing that the TSR.2 should have been able to exceed it’s design speed in level flight at all altitudes; with the engines producing enough excess thrust that the aircraft could theoretically achieve just under Mach 1.5 at sea level, or just under Mach 3.0 at altitude (if it weren’t for the airframe limitation). This massive amount of excess thrust would oviously give the TSR.2 exception acceleration and climb performance.

General characteristics

  • Length: 89 ft
  • Height: 24 ft
  • Wingspan: 37 ft
  • Wing area: 700 sq. ft

Eye candy

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  • TSR.2 Weapons System (BAC Brochure)
  • TSR.2 Performance Data (BAC Report)
  • TSR.2 Crew Notes
  • TSR.2 Maintenance Manual
  • TSR2 Britain’s Lost bomber by Damien Burke

As a Bomber main I would absolutely love to see it come into the game soon at some point. With historical accurate payloads like the rockets and the 1,000lb x10 payload. The We.117B’s serve no purpose ingame unless we finally get a game mode for bombers on enduring confrontation sized maps or larger with nuclear weapons.


It could be 10.7, although you would have to sacrifice flares for bombs if I’m not mistaken.


You would, but sacrificing one or two bombs could be worth it


Flame are you the same guy who made the Avro Vulcan post?

I made a Vulcan suggestion and a discussion post on the old forum.

Yes then it’s me FutureFlash who works on XM655 that told you about the Howls being for the 201 engines only. Nice to see your active on the new site.


I have been told by one of the moderators that if an aircraft has not been passed to developers in this new forum, then you need to make an entirely new suggestion on the vehicle. So you will need to resubmit a new suggestion in the suggestions section for the TSR.2 addition.

Re-reading the announcement post it does seem a bit contradictory about that. It says the Devs will keep a copy of all suggestions already passed, but then does seem to imply that already passed suggestions should be re-created.

Yes we are free to remake even passed suggestions. I have already made some that have been passed it’s essentially a clean slate.

Would that permit a re-suggestion of the Buccaneer, to be precise, the S.2B? I feel that thing would fill a similar role to that of the upcoming Super Etendard but minus the gun but heavier ordnance options.


Yes if you feel like making it and it was already passed in the old forum you are free to re make it.


With the F-111 coming hopefully we can get the TSR.2 at some point.


Did either XR219 or 220 get fitted with the radar?

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How’s the S.2B suggestion coming along?

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Unfortunately not to my knowledge ss these were just the early prototype.


shoot, i regrettably relied on my sieve like brain.

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Here’s a 20 minute information film by Ferranti on the TSR.2’s radar


It seems the performance of the radar was pretty impressive . It was meant to allow for terrain following flight at 60 m (200 ft altitude) however in testing they were able to demonstrate safe terrain following flight using the radar at 30 m (100 ft) altitude.