Hawker Hunter T.8: Hunter turns Teacher (ii)

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Introduction: I have previously discussed the history of the T.7, from which the T.8 is derived. Of course, there are differences, and the T.8 is an aircraft which definitely warrants its own suggestion, owing to some minor difference, that mean a lot.


Description: The Hawker Hunter T.8 was a modification of the T.7 for use in the Royal Navy, being slightly modified to suite their needs. The Royal Navy was looking for a replacement for its Sea Vampire T.22s, which were quickly becoming outmoded as technology improved and speed increased. A total of 10 were newbuild aircraft, with 34 being converted from Hunter F.4s.


The Hawker Hunter T.8 was essentially identical to the T.7, barring some minor differences of course. Firstly, the aircraft were fitted with an arrestor hook, to allow for ground-based arrested landings. Though this would be considered as an identifying feature between aircraft, it must be noted that the rear sections of the T.7 and T.8 are interchangeable, meaning that there are often photos of T.7s fitted with hooks, and T.8s lacking theirs. Though not a noticeable feature, the T.8 was also wired to carry the Sidewinder and Bullpup missiles, in order to train Scimitar crews. The T.8 was also used to train Buccaneer crew, as well as being used to train Royal Navy servicemen on board ships in the counter-air role, being used as aggressors, similar to the GA.11. A number had their ADEN cannon removed, and a Harley light placed in the nose. The some aircraft were eventually modified to T.8M standard, fitted with a Blue Fox radar in an extended nose to train Sea Harrier FRS.1 pilots. The last of the T.8s were retired from service in 1994.




Armament: Primary Armament:
• 1x 30mm ADEN cannon
Secondary Armament:
• 4(?)x AIM-9 Sidewinder
• 2x AGM-12 Bullpup
• 4x SNEB pods
• 24x RP-3
• 2x 1000lb Bombs
Crew: 1
Powerplant: 7,425lb thrust Rolls-Royce RA.7 Avon 122
Max. Speed: 603 knots at sea level, 0.92 Mach
Service ceiling: 47,000ft
Empty Weight: 13,482lb
Max. Take-off Weight: 17,200lb
Wing Span: 33ft 8in
Wing Area: 349 sq ft
Length: 48ft 10in
Height: 13ft 2in
Number built: 41

Conclusion: I am of the opinion that this would be a great addition to the game, especially if it comes after the T.7.



Thunder & Lightnings - Hawker Hunter - History

“Teach for the Sky: British Training Aircraft since 1945” by James Jackson

“The Hawker Hunter in British Service” by Martin Derry and Neil Robinson


Hawker Hunter T.7(8)

Blueprints > Modern airplanes > Hawker > Hawker Hunter T-8

The Hawker Hunter: Rare Photographs from Wartime Archives - Martin W. Bowman - Google Books

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depending on the sidewinders it gets means it could possibly be the better Hunter we have been waiting on, +1

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Only concern is flares… if it gets anything better than 9B’s its going to be facing 9L’s and R60M’s.

Well i was thinking it would be either Aim-9Bs or Es, with Bs it wouldnt be much better than the Hunter F.6 especially with only 2 missiles, wheras with Aim-9Es it would probably be a at a BR of around 9.7 to 10.3 depending on what happens to the current hunters BR, because the F.1 should go to 8.7 probably and the F.6 needs to go to 9.3 unless the SRAAMs are fixed

Thats fair although purely for the purposes of countermeasures, I think the Omani or Singaporean Hunter FGA.74BS may be a better fit (also consider that the UK is the largest defense exporter to Oman). Omani one’s may be different but the Singaporeans helped upgrade the Omani ones.


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If we can get the strikemaster mk82 from oman as well then definetly, just non british aircraft are increadibly hit or miss when it comes to gaijin ( with them choosing to add them as BP or premiums) whereas this hunter is completely as british as can be


Yeah that’s the thing there’s little to no consistency, for instance the current Squadron Harrier.

IMO they should get rid of the other harrier and make the SQN one TT and put this Hunter as the SQN one.

I’m pretty sure the Singaporean ones were upgraded by the UK so its also near entirely British.

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yeah lets just hope gaijin doesn’t pull another Swiss hunter on us and give it to Japan or something

anyway the SQV sea harrier should have been the Indian FRS.51 instead but that’s off topic for here so lets end that discussion now

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It can get AIM-9Bs, Gs and Ls, so it’s really up to Gaijin where it would end up fitting in. Personally it would make more sense if it only got AIM-9Bs and the Bullpups.

Yeah that would be a good placement, mabye as an aircraft coming after the F.1 and the F.6 can be foldered in together with the F.1 ( considering it basically an F.1 with SRAAMs and CAS capability)

Alternatively, this could go into the naval line, or a completely new naval strike line.

I have always been a fan or removing the SRAAMs from the Hunter F.6 and lowering its BR, and having a missile armed Hunter in the form of the much more balanced P.1109B. Then we could either add the Hawks or maybe even the P.1121 if Gaijin is willing.


I think having a line of trainers going through the Provost/ strikemaster and gnat/ hawk t.1 all the way to the hawk 200 would be a good idea, and since this is a RN trainer it could go there

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RAF Cosford did have part of the half completed airframe. I am considering making a proposal if I can find some more documentation so it fits Gaijin’s metrics. It won’t be top tier, but it could replace the Hunter F.6 or go after the swift.

P.1109B would be a good option too, IMO downtier Hunter F.1 to 8.7, folder F.6 without SRAAM’s behind it at 9.0-9.3 and have the P.1109B where the F.6 was. Then folder the jag gr.1 behind the harrier and replace the spot after the Swift with the P.1121.

Alternatively to where the F.6 is, i’d put in the Singaporean/Omani Hunter i mentioned earlier with its twin AIM-9P’s and Flares at 9.7 with the swiss hunter (it has extra pylons for sidewinders so no mavericks, but more bombs).

If we got a new line I’d rework it though.


I had made a suggestion on the old forums which I am yet to repost. I’ll have to rewrite it as I am not so happy with how it had turned out on the old forums, in addition to having some incorrect information.

That being said, it would be a great addition to the game that would bring in a great aircraft for the UK in the 9.7-10.7 bracket

I could see this coming as another Squad Vehicle like the Swiss Hunter.