Hawker Hunter T.8: Hunter turns Teacher (ii)

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Introduction: I have previously discussed the history of the T.7, from which the T.8 is derived. Of course, there are differences, and the T.8 is an aircraft which definitely warrants its own suggestion, owing to some minor difference, that mean a lot.


Description: The Hawker Hunter T.8 was a modification of the T.7 for use in the Royal Navy, being slightly modified to suite their needs. The Royal Navy was looking for a replacement for its Sea Vampire T.22s, which were quickly becoming outmoded as technology improved and speed increased. A total of 10 were newbuild aircraft, with 34 being converted from Hunter F.4s.


The Hawker Hunter T.8 was essentially identical to the T.7, barring some minor differences of course. Firstly, the aircraft were fitted with an arrestor hook, to allow for ground-based arrested landings. Though this would be considered as an identifying feature between aircraft, it must be noted that the rear sections of the T.7 and T.8 are interchangeable, meaning that there are often photos of T.7s fitted with hooks, and T.8s lacking theirs. Though not a noticeable feature, the T.8 was also wired to carry the Sidewinder and Bullpup missiles, in order to train Scimitar crews. The T.8 was also used to train Buccaneer crew, as well as being used to train Royal Navy servicemen on board ships in the counter-air role, being used as aggressors, similar to the GA.11. A number had their ADEN cannon removed, and a Harley light placed in the nose. The some aircraft were eventually modified to T.8M standard, fitted with a Blue Fox radar in an extended nose to train Sea Harrier FRS.1 pilots. The last of the T.8s were retired from service in 1994.




Armament: Primary Armament:
• 1x 30mm ADEN cannon
Secondary Armament:
• 4(?)x AIM-9 Sidewinder
• 2x AGM-12 Bullpup
• 4x SNEB pods
• 24x RP-3
• 2x 1000lb Bombs
Crew: 1
Powerplant: 7,425lb thrust Rolls-Royce RA.7 Avon 122
Max. Speed: 603 knots at sea level, 0.92 Mach
Service ceiling: 47,000ft
Empty Weight: 13,482lb
Max. Take-off Weight: 17,200lb
Wing Span: 33ft 8in
Wing Area: 349 sq ft
Length: 48ft 10in
Height: 13ft 2in
Number built: 41

Conclusion: I am of the opinion that this would be a great addition to the game, especially if it comes after the T.7.



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