Britain Naval Tree - What’s left to be added for all BRs

Thank-you to @Morvran for inspiring this post. His relevant post for the British Air Tree can be found here.

Current updated tree design

This is a to be updated post for proposals for future additions to the British naval tree without necessitating a dedicated post on each of them to be added to the list. Most ships are in in the forms of the class however specific ships with historical significance or modification will also be added.

Please include the ships’: class, name, proposed BR and classification (Battlecruiser, Battleship etc.)
You could also include a nickname.

BR 5.3

  • County Class Batch 1: HMS Devonshire/Hampshire/Kent/London. Destroyer

BR 5.7

  • Town Class: HMS Birmingham. Light Cruiser

BR 6.0

  • Indefatigable Class: HMS Indefatigable/Australia/New Zealand. Battlecruiser

  • Lion Class: HMS Lion “Splendid Cat”. Battlecruiser

  • Lion Class: HMS Princess Royal “Splendid Cat”. Battlecruiser

  • HMS Queen Mary. Battlecruiser

  • HMS Tiger. Battlecruiser

  • Courageous Class: HMS Furious “Spurious”. Battlecruiser


  • Bellerophon Class: HMS Bellerophon/Superb/Temeraire. Battleship

  • St Vincent Class: HMS St Vincent/Collingwood/Vanguard. Battleship

  • HMS Neptune. Battleship

  • Orion Class: HMS Orion/Monarch/Conqueror/Thunderer. Battleship

BR 6.7

  • King George V Class (1911): HMS KGV/Centurion/Audacious/Ajax. Battleship

  • HMS Agincourt. Battleship

  • HMS Erin. Battleship

  • HMS Canada. Battleship

  • Renown Class: HMS Repulse “Repair” . Battlecruiser (Fast Battleship)

BR 7.0

  • Queen Elizabeth Class: HMS Queen Elizabeth/Barham/Valiant/Malaga. Fast Battleship

  • Queen Elizabeth Class: HMS Warspite “The Grand Old Lady”. Fast Battleship

  • Revenge Class: HMS Revenge/Royal Sovereign/Royal Oak/Resolution/Ramillies. Battleship

  • Admiral Class: HMS Anson/Howe/Rodney. Battlecruiser

BR 7.0+

  • G3 Class: G3 “HMS Anson/Howe”. Battlecruiser (Fast Battleship)

  • Nelson Class “Nelrod”: HMS Nelson/Rodney. Battleship

  • King George V Class (1939): HMS KGV/Prince of Wales/Duke of York/Anson/Howe. Fast Battleship

  • Lion Class (1939-42): HMS Lion. Fast Battleship

  • Lion Class (1942-44): HMS Temeraire. Fast Battleship

  • HMS Vanguard. Fast Battleship

Again this is a work in progress. Please feel free to suggest any amendments to BR’s, groupings (eg splitting up a class), ship classifications, nicknames, or for laid ships, which year variant.


Going to reserve the first comment here.

Current Count is 26 individual ships that could be added in-game (with no near duplicates).

List of previous Suggestions can be found here:

and great work, yeah a lot of these I’d love to see in game

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Are there any paper and/or laid down never finished BBs / Battlecruisers that could be added to UK? Not total fantasy like WoW but cancelled etc.

I’m enjoying the İron Duke a lot currently so I wanna know the extent of ships that could be added to UK to be researched in the future

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HMS Vanguard was Britains last BB. So im guessing anything planned for after HMS Vanguard would fall into that lsit

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Yeah dude, scroll to the top, to where it says 6.3, you’ll be interested in anything past the 6.3 BR bracket. Oh and all the ships currently in my list CAN be added to the game right now. They were all laid down which is Gaijin’s rule.

EDIT: I misunderstood your question. Yes Lion Class and G3 Class Battlecruiser.

The Lion and G3 class are mostly paper, technically laid down, but in same cases even less finished than Kronshtadt

I’m ok with designs that never started but existed on paper with actual intent of building or laid down but never finished.

Yeah so there’s the Lion Class. There are designs for ~40,000 tonnes in displacement as well as ~45,000 and ~65,000.

65,000 would be the absolute maximum, as this was the maximum size the dockyards the Lion’s were laid down at could accommodate.

I’d link a picture but there are many, many variations of the Lion class.
You may want to look at this:

Then there’s the G-3 Class.

These were ~50,000 tonnes and laid down just after HMS Hood. Only one was laid and it was used to strongarm the US and Japan in the Washington Naval Treaty.

The British Behemoth G-3 class Battlecruiser - Navy - War Thunder —  official forum

g3 class battleship

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İt’s funny to me how Britain was a major naval power at the period yet Germany has the best ship at 7.0 with the unsinkable Scharnhorst that base dives without a care with armor reaching 1200 MM in many places. Meanwhile all the UK has is outdated stuff in the game , I find it absolutely sad but hilarious


That little irritant was my motivation for this post.

After watching a Scharnhorst tank numerous shells from the HMS Hood in-game with the nerfed 15 inch guns which were the most accurate of any WW2 Naval Guns but have higher dispersion than Scharnhorst, or Kronshtadt.

UK ships are 20-50 years older than the current one’s fielded by Germany, Russia and America, in addition the UK has the joint lowest number of ships at 6.7-7.0.

This is a reminder that the UK, does have options, many of them. In fact- the UK has the most classes of Laid-Dreadnought in the world.

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As someone who has krohnstadt and scharnhorst i can tell you krohn is literally no match for the crazy armor that scharn has, i get 1 shotted in krohn all the time now yet scharn can tank torpedoes and guns like crazy no matter what. and cannot be killed if he does not repair.

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it also doesnt help that 15 inch guns (not just Britain, but still) have a major artifical accuracy nerf. British 15 inch guns were some of the most accurate in the world, but good luck landing more than 1-2 shells past around 10-12kms. Meanwhile ships like Scharnhorst and Kronstadht with their smaller calibre guns can put pinpoint salvo after salvo into you

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Of course, I don’t find Kronshtadt is so bad anymore although sometimes it can soak up damage for half the game. My point is more that the British guns have more dispersion which is completely ahistorical.

+1, what i do not understand is if scharnhorst armor layout was so god damn effective why didnt everyone else make similar designs? Or they did but we dont have them in game?

That, I think comes down to Germany not following the Washington naval treaty to the same degree as other nations. if at all. British BBs were forced to compromise on armour or modernise older vessels instead of building newer ones. Hood was meant to get a major armour upgrade, but WW2 broke out before it could be done (which likely would have protected her from Bismark, at least to a degree)

I am very new to naval stuff but i truly find the addition of scharnhorst with such godlike armor to the game unacceptable.

Also i have witnessed the said inaccuracy after i got the yamashiro, it is like a shotgun.


They are a pain to fight, BB vs BB always is though in my experience, why I tend to prefer light cruisers

IRL it wasn’t. Scharnhorst and Bismarck had distributed armour schemes, like the Hood. These added unnecessary weight in terms of displacement. It was good at short distances but susceptible to diving shells that the UK used from long distances. Most nations adapted to this Post-WW1 but as Germany was effectively banned from building battleships they couldn’t experiment.

But because all engagements in war thunder are short range, it favours this kind of armour scheme.

German ships were not bad, but they were outdated, and things like the Bismarck gain legendary status for sinking the Hood (who was 30 years older in terms of design and quite outdated for a Battlecruiser). When Bismarck encountered a peer KIng George V class ship, (which displaced less), she had holes punched right through the thickest parts of her armour.


Will the british ever get BBs/cruisers with good torpedoes? Or did they never actually put too much funding into torpedoes in the time?